Amardip Vilkhu/Gurmit Vilhkuharassment/cruelty to animals.

It has been brought to our attention that the Vilkhu family at N0 68/70 Windmill Rd Longford Coventry are still harassing there neighbour's by throwing thing's in there garden front and back and still spreading nasty gossip about there neighbour's and getting other's to do so. The pervert Amardip Vilkhu has a covert camera in the front of his car spying on his neighbour's front bedroom window. For no other reason than having sexual feelings towards his neighbour.But telling other's another. They have all been throwing thing's in the neighbour's pond over the year's including there son nextdoor Gurmit who's been throwing computer wire over batteries in the pond and bricks to kill the fish along with his brother Amardip throwing paint in his neighbour's pond of which he was convicted of in 2013. Now there throwing over circuitry component's over and the neighbour's cat has been found to be eating them which the neighbour has had to remove from the cat's mouth it appear's these [censored] are not going to stop on the evidence it seem's only fair that society should now stop them. Feel free to dispense with justice upon the vilkhu family at N0 68/70 Windmill Rd. For there intent to cause harm to animal's. The whole family is involved in this including the wive's covering for them so there as guilty as there husband's so they also can be dealt with. Cause it seem's the police can, t or won, t. We cannot allow these people to get away with animal cruelty.

Nov 28, 2018

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