Amanda Allen, Mason Allen, Jayne Snodgrass / Selling Grandmother house from under her feet

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Amanda and Mason Allen sold the family farm right from under their Grandmother's feet. They made over a million dollars, but left there Grandmother without a house to call her own, and while they drive nice new vehicles their Grandmother has a car over 25 years old and is barely living on social security. The only reason that farm was still there to inherit was because their Grandmother worked so hard to keep it. They treat her like last weeks' garbage.

Grandmother was allowed to continue to live in the farmhouse only because the person who bought it was a neighbor, and has known her all his life. These two brats and their "tramp" of a mother are wished only terrible things to come their way the rest of their lives, actually it started long ago, with the death of their father. Then there was the drug dealing step-dad, and the devil child step-brother, now the maternal Grandmother is sick. Good, hope you all suffer for your low-life treatment of your Grandmother. She is the only one in your father's family that cares what happens to you.

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  • Mm
      8th of Feb, 2010

    people are so self-centered, always thinking of themselves.The only thing that I can say to these people are that there day is coming.

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  • Ma
      20th of Mar, 2010

    Their mother's name is Jayne Marie Snodgrass Allen Dohmen. She lives off her kids inheritance. She told her kids that their dad's family (Allen) didn't want to have anything to do with them, but the truth is no one could stand the mom (Jayne) and she wouldn't leave the kids alone with their dad's family because she was afraid the kids would learn the truth about her, and her sleezy ways.

    Rotten to the core, and deserved the bad treatment her 2nd husband dished out to her. What happened to all that Meth that your now ex-husband Jeff Dohment left behind when he went to jail. Did you keep it to sell, or use it? She is the biggest piece of SH----!!!

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  • Wh
      26th of Oct, 2010

    Hope Amanda and Mason Allen suffer rotten lives and have nothing but failures throughout. They treated their Grandmother like last week's garbage, and they deserve nothing but misery. Their Mom, Jayne Marie Snodgrass Dohmen is cursed with horrible diseases and a horrible life.

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  • Sh
      9th of Mar, 2011

    Grandma is now in the nursing home. Has lost everything, and these little B---tards haven't even asked how she is or came to visit. They are not welcome or wanted when the day comes to lay her to eternal rest. We will stop you from entering the church, or going to the graveside. In our opinion, you are nothing but evil strangers who steal from old people, and buy new cars and homes for yourselves, and your worthless mother. In our opinion you are COMMOM criminals.

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  • Th
      10th of Jul, 2011

    Wow!! What a messed up family! Sounds like all they wanted was the money, the hell with everyone else. How much time and work did these people, Amanda, Mason, and Jayne Snodgrass put into the farm to keep it going?

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  • Cr
      30th of Aug, 2012

    Now the little female dog is getting married, just waiting for that big insurance pay out whe she turns 25. Crash and burn.

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