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things did not go well with this freelancer. after agreeing to the cost, he allegedly said we were adding more to what we originally agreed upon which was 200 dollars. then he asked for an additional 50 dollars. so we decided to to re establish the terms, and asked how much it would take to finish the project. he said he needs an additional 2000 dollars! we were getting ready to file a dispute but he filed one himself after we refused his offer to return 100 dollars. ultimately elance decided to split the cost. even though we could have gotten more if we accepted his refund, we want everyone to know that this project was disputed because the elancer was just asking for more money wihout any result for 4 weeks. we posted the same project and the new elancer quoted 300 dollars and took him 2 days to finish. so please be careful when getting the services of this scammer elancer.”

Aman Aggarwal - aman619aggarwal

Jan 9, 2015

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