Altitude 360Client Event organised with false promises resulting in large loss of income

I had to come to Altitude to organise an event for my clients for the Valentines. The professionalism of the events manager Eskrine was horrific. He sat on the edge of the seat, with no courtesy to offer any water or sit down and had no mannerism or experience in his field. They promised a certain number of availability for my clients and menu and drinks and assured that everything will be ok. Four days later after calling everyday they returned my call to tell me the menu had changed so we had to relay that back to our clients. When coming to confirm the event they had booked their own event without informing me and told us sorry nothing we can do about it and you will just have take the money loss. The Events Manager was so rude shouting and had an attitude of an abrupt and harsh nature, that has left me traumatised of the situation. If there any large corporate organisations or companies thinking about booking with Altitude I would urge not to do it. They are unprofessional, never follow through what they promise and have no desire to care about the client or their needs. We have suffered an income loss and would like to have compensation for the money we have spent to a cancelled event.

Feb 12, 2014

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