ALTIMAX (Pty) Ltd / Refuse to pay for damages caused

1 Plot 31 Mnandi AH, 180 Tulip Road, Mnandi Cenurion, Centurion, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0832752076

ALTIMAX employee drove a car through my electric fence, ALTIMAX refuse to pay malicious damage caused to fence. The employee admitted - she was lost & watching GPS, swerving left to right & took the slipway on the left, then changed her mind (GPS instructed her) & turned right into Mr Erasmus, who was overtaking her.Eyewitness stated the same.The employee was not focused on driving or the traffic & created the process leading to the accident. Mr Bekker from Altimax was @ the scene & heard the same from employee. A year requesting Altimax to pay I am now exposing them & the difficulties I have had dealing with Altimax(Risk consultants) have walked away from their responsibly.
ALTIMAX MOTTO -Unashamedly ethical – here they are ashamedly unethical.I will inform all of how ethical Altimax actually is.I find it appalling that Altimax can leave 3 families unprotected in the high crime area & refuse to fix what they broke.AMOUNT for fence-R8 800. This small cost to Altimax will save reputation risk. No one is profiteering except their lawyers. It takes years to build reputation; it takes one silly incident to collapse. I am communicating my ALTIMAX dealings until my fence is paid.


May 20, 2015

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