Alside Steel SidingRusting. Warranty rejected

Alside steel siding was installed about 7 years ago on our house and garage. Bottom row of siding is rusting on two sides of the garage. Alside rejected my warranty request. After 3 months of calling and waiting for a response we received a letter saying this was not covered under the warranty. No other explanation. Called again after receiving the letter and they said it was not covered because we live in Minnesota and the salt used on the roads in the winter gets tracked into the garage (and then I assume it must soak through the walls onto the steel siding). Prior to this we had steel siding from another manufacturer for about 20 years and never had any rust problems. The only reason it was replaced was due to hail damage. If indeed the reason they gave for not honoring the warranty is true (which I think we all know its not) then they obviously should not sell their siding in Minnesota.

Jan 12, 2015

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