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Alpha Airport Services / Job

1 FL, United States

Alpha Airport Services the world’s top Duty and Tax Free Retailer is currently offering opportunities for self-motivated individuals to become a part of a great team at the Orlando International Airport duty free shops. These career opportunities are offered for full time and part time hours on a flexible and rotating schedule. The qualified candidate must possess; excellent customer service skills excellent retail selling skills must be a team player be available anytime on any day between 5am-11pm, You will be responsible for operating registers, assisting with bagging and wrapping merchandise, assisting customers with selection of merchandise and providing information on promotions. Benefits begin for all full time employees after 90 days. Above is a recent ad for employment with Alpha Airport services. After starting to work for this company you will find out that not everything rings true. There are two different positions at the company. One is Sales Associate and the Second is Beauty Associate. The Sales Associate will be required to do all of the above and more. The Beauty Associates are required to do all of the above and more as well as trying to sell their products as they work for their pay plus commissions, which often times is hard for them. One can work part or full time with rotating shifts, but you have to be flexible. You will need to be available 24/7 not just between 5am-11pm. You will also be required to stock and clean the store. Once fully trained at the Orlando stores and if you have the proper badge you will also be required to take packages to the gates often times in heavy cages that are hard to steer. You will be handing the packages out to customers as they board their flights. There are domestic flights in the same terminal and we need to ensure that the purchases are actually leaving the country. Sanford does not have this problem as their store has only international flights in the terminal.
The pay is not compatible with the work that is required. The Store Manager and some of the Supervisors have very little or no Respect for the employees of Alpha. The Store Manager runs the place like a dictatorship. One needs to follow his ever changing rules to a T, no exceptions or risk losing his/her job. Benefits do begin after 90 days and are pretty good. As far as job security goes forget it. Employee turnover is very high with this company. Work/Life Balance is nonexistent. Once hired be prepared to breath, eat, and sleep Alpha as there is no life outside of Alpha There is no Career Potential/Growth as all positions are filled from the outside. The location is the Airport, need I say more. Parking at OIA is located at a lot away from the terminals and one needs to take the employee shuttle bus to the terminal. All employees working for Alpha at OIA need to go through security. Some of the people who work security let their jobs go to their heads and will hold up and harass other airport employees. One then needs to go on a tram at OIA to get to their work area. I suggest getting to the Orlando Airport at least an hour before having to clock in to ensure getting to work on time. Most of my Co-workers are Competent, but there have been a few who have not caught onto the job and the rest of us had to pick up their slack or correct their mistakes, which can be very frustrating. The work environment is horrible. If you are on a register and the store gets extremely busy, it is next to impossible to go to the bathroom. Also don’t expect to have anything to drink as we are not allowed to have even a bottle of water in the store or at the gates as it is unprofessional and customers can’t have food or drink in the store. One better not have a family emergency or something else happen on a short notice as you will not be able to switch schedules with anyone and will need to call out. You will get written up when you call out, even with a doctor’s note. More than 3 time calling out in a quarter = termination. We are all constantly sick as we pass colds, flu, etc. back and forth to each other as we are scared to call out for fear of losing our jobs. I would not recommend this job to my worst enemy. Those of us who still work for Alpha are biding our time until something better comes along. Those who have gone before us are much happier in their new job and lives after Alpha. Alpha Airport Services aka known as Aldeasa is owned by Autogrille. Beware if you see any of these names and don't apply for this company.

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