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Alon financial services / Money orders sold at 7 - eleven by alon or afs as it reads on the money order logo

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Please Beware when purchasing money orders as one typically does at convenience stores. Rip off from ALON Financial Services working nationwide from Odessa, Texas office. These money orders are purchased from local 7-Eleven stores to help aid your convenience when making money orders for a payment trail when making payments for bills and things of that nature. Convenience turned to regret, wasting a ton of your time, hassle, bogus information, and untruths. You may think your money order receipt is proof of payment or payment stub assuring that your payment is made and securely so. However if that payment should get lost in the mail, stolen, credited to the wrong account, or any of life's happenings ALON will not stand by you as a customer but will claim you intended this or even after they receive the original money order stubs they'll tell you that these are anonymous and insult you as if you are the liar! Sure they'll email you any cashed money order copies because after all you, your the customer UNTIL you ask them to do their job and help prove that you bought this money order and sent it to pay the intended bill and such. I paid my rent with limited funds as rent is not cheap. I retained the original sale receipt, the money order stub, as well as pertinent information needed to assist if something should go wrong. Unknown to myself the intended person I mailed this off to pay told me after waiting for it to arrive it didn't show up. After contacting local authorities asking if I should suspect fowl play in the area of the intended person said he never got it timely they referred me to USPS the locally mailed from branch prior to "jumping the gun". I called the local post office and spoke to manager who stated it's far to premature to call it lost or stolen. The manager felt I seemed to have the correct documents as did authorities to make a claim if there happened to be a issue in the making but I must wait the proper mailing time. They felt with a single envelope things happen as the mailmen who tend to such things are human and do their best but rerouted mail happens for many reasons. They stated they've seen people make claims for postal money orders where they hold more insight only to find them made premature causing more issues with a stop payment of sorts and still angry or upset and delayed matters for both ends. To be safe assure a bit more time I was told. Fine, I proceeded to wait noting the claim form said to assure fast delivery of the refunded money order that already took something like 65 days typically (wow talk about late fees for bills while waiting!) They would collect additional funds. These funds were on top of the already paid for money order, the lost money which in this case was $500 (ouch), and the cost already put out via sending them the stubs and such to their Texas office certified mail as they were originals the only thing accepted. This added cost was to assure you at the conclusion of approximately 65 days or so you could then at that time receive refund promptly. Fine, like a lot of Americans it called for repayment of my bill in the meantime of an additional $500 which I did not intend to spend just for my choice in money order. This on top of building up late fees and waiting long days and sleepless nights worrying if it'll show up. So here comes the next payday and finally time to make it official after repayment of the bill on my end of course I wish to know what went wrong assuming this fell into the wrong hands and reaching out by filing a claim. A representative called me promptly which was one of the only nice things done so far, and stated the money order was paid out. She stated she would email me a copy of the paid and cashed money order and couldn't help me further but noted the money order looked tampered with, no doubt about it but that they'd send the copy to my email. I received the copy and of course it was very different from when I sent it containing still my address on my state drivers license as well as the name of what the payment was for under the memo portion. I looked at it and knew it was finally confirmed stolen. I emailed her back to find her out of town I simply wished to see their intent and what bank would have cashed such a fraudulent looking money order. This lady replied from her company email but stated another lady would send me the information. I waited only to waste more days and time waiting as the lady had bad wording like perhaps English was a bit difficult and all this only for her to inquire what the money order number was. I felt she had to be kidding me she worked for the place that had the copy of the money order, directions and a forwarded email trail from the original rep., My original stub, as well as my name and info to reply to but couldn't take the time to check the information on it. I sent her this information after frustration only for her to state the rep. Already gave it to her fine but where is the information? So she confirmed I was to late just to confirm it all while I worry. Then she emails back and I feel I am for the most part a bit knowledgeable in random terms but the terms she spoke of she couldn't have been thinking I would just know them. Then she emailed back saying she had information for bank of the first she called it which was not a term I heard before. She stated she could send me this as I felt like anyway now I've lost enough time. Meanwhile I look up bank of the first as something possible to find it's a term like how would I know. She then emails back stating all she could do was give me the cashing bank not other info as if I asked for any added info though it was my money order but fine. I reach out to the local bank who states they'll assist but they seem confused as to why I'm inquiring without the usual route with the money order companies support. I state I just want my money back because they proved on their end it was a fraud situation and could recoup the money of mine which was great. Issue was with other more the norm companies such as western union and money gram they reach out and on their end their responsibility is to have the customer rest assured and the bank is doubtful that they hadn't already returned my funds. They regret to tell me it's in the money order companies hands to demand from them but not before stressing this is how it works. I contact the company to get the most odd response stating I purchased this anonymous and they can't assure it wasn't the intended person cashing it in that bought it after I had the original stub, the info, the claim and much more. I was insulted as they said they'd not only not help me recoup money but couldn't prove it to be mine anyway so I was completely out of luck. Take the person to court they stated even after they told me all other info was private so take who exactly? The unknown person so me vs John Doe sure that works. I wait for the bank to try to reach out to the company but they are weary as they can't get a confirmation from ALON I have a claim or stub or anything! Never again, it is essential to stick with a known money order company for a reason now I know. I only hope to stress to whoever I can not to give this company more of your money. Who knows how this came about but the company is fine was customers who are frauded and will stick on the side of the fraudulent folks. All well forgetting I made the claim and I had the stubs. I feel that shows I made the money orders or for $500 pull the store tape will you as if my address on the money order one of the few bits remaining is that of my address I mailed from and my drivers license. Somehow I'm the bad guy but I lost and a big company like that feels it essential to rip me off. I have told and continue to tell my loved ones so they're not frauded. These people are just as bad as the crooks. May as well have just sent them my hard earned money and added costs. My kids can have a scarce amount of food as I try not to burden the state or others with paying for our food all so these crooks can live easy. I hope they know how ugly of a business practice they have. Stick with the bigger money order companies as there is a reason they are above ALON in sale figures as it pays to be a good service provider for well to do customers that have the burden of proof.

Oct 17, 2016
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    I would like to advise you that anytime you send something such as a money order, I make sure I send it along with a signature confirmation request from the other party. It's only a few more dollars extra but it would have saved you wasted time and resources.

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