Aloha International Moving Service / Worst moving company

1 Kapolei, HI, United States

Aloha International movers did a good job of packing -- until it got close to quitting time. Then they started getting sloppy, or didn't bother to wrap or box some items at all. The only damaged items were those that were loaded into the container at the end of the day.

I repeatedly asked Aloha International to reimburse me for the damage done to just one item, but they refused, claiming that the load was not insured. That was the case, but the damage would not have occurred had they done what I paid them big bucks to do: Appropriately wrap or box everything that needed to be wrapped or boxed.

Also, before the move, Aloha International's "relocation specialist" presented me with photocopies of survey forms that had been filled out by other customers (the full names and signatures were included). All the reviews were positive, of course. When the movers were done at my house, one of them gave me a survey form, and instead of providing an envelope that I could mail it in, he stood right next to me, watching as I filled it out. Completely unethical.

Finally, I fed the crew lunch -- and got billed at the rate of more than $200 an hour for the time they took off to eat.

Mar 19, 2014

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