Aloft Inner Harbor / employee mistreatment

1 SYRACUSE, IN, United States
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My manager who name is Soni is upset because I refuse to respond to her while she taunts me and and tries to belittle me I front of employees and question me why am I not responding to her when she is speaking to me I chose to ignore her due to the conversation was not work related she continued to taunt me and and tell employees not to ask me any questions I'm only a housekeeper if they need to kno something ask her not me then I walked away from the conflict sat in break room where she entered to say I'm not working with u ur not gonna destroy my day so u can go home bye now leave the building which I did respectfully with no promblem returned to work the next day and was greeted by her saying did anyone speak to yesterday because I'm not letting u work until the GM Michael talks to u so bye go home. Once again I did exactly what was told but lost on pay 2days lost on tips during this week being graduation week in Syracuse which is a big time for us her power and ego just proved me right on what she does and non professional ways towards me being the only afro American working for her. I feel before I take legal action against her and the company due to my wife being a attorney I would prefer to resolve the issue together with my employer. I love my Company but don't kno how much longer I can take the abuse there. PLEASE help me resolve the issue Thanks in advance. Yours Truly LAMONICK Wade

May 14, 2017

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