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Customer Name Keming zhang
Address U.S.A
Email [protected]

Complaint against
1, Aloft Hotel Cancun.
Sergio Carames (Guest Experience Manager: [protected])
Boulevard Kukulcan KM9.
MZ 48 L-8-1, Zona Hotelera 77500.
Phone: +[protected]
2, Xcaret Victor Hugo ( Manager [protected])
Carretera Chetumal-Puerto Juarez Kilometro 282
Solidaridad 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R. Mexico
Phone: [protected]
On Dec. 26, 2016, I bought the two tickets for the bus tours of two days trip( Xcaret and Chichen Itza) scheduled on Dec. 27 and Dec28 from Aloft Hotel Cancun with the total price $380($190 each ticket) On Dec. 27, 2016, 7:20am, I and my wife were on time in the bus location. The bus tour guide lady took my tickets and gave us the bracelets for boarding the tour bus. After boarding the bus, I put my back bag on the over-head shelf. The bag contains my wallet, some electronic device for my cameras and other stuff. In my wallet, there are my driver license, three credit cards and cash of about $2000 Mexico Peso and $300 U.S dollars. There were another two guys following us to board the bus too and sat down the seats right behand us. Only a minutes later, they got off the bus.
When I needed something from my bag a minutes later and stranded up to look at the over-head shelf. I found the bag disappeared. I realized that my bag was stolen by the guys who just got off the bus. I rushed the door of the bus and couldn’t find the guys. Both the bus driver and tour guide lady standing in front the bus door. I told them that my bag was gone and asked them to call the police. The tour guide made the phone call in Spanish and no police showed up after 20 minutes. Then, she handed us over her manager Edgar in the bus station and told us the manager will take care of everything. The tour bus was then leaving. I asked the manager to call police and my credit card companies using his phone. He refused to take any responsibilies and asked us to go back our hotel to get help from the people who sold the tickets to us. We rushed to hotel Aloft which is cross the street and asked the hotel staff to help me to call my credit card companies. Then we spent almost 40 minutes on the phone to cancel my credit cards one by one. The theft already made many purchases using my credit cards.
After 9:30am, the travel agent manager Sergio Carames in hotel who sell the travel tickets arrived. He called the manager of the Xcaret bus tour company. The manager named Angel arrived in hotel about 10am, we talked to the manager in the presence of the hotel staff Sergio Carames. The manager said to us that he will investigate and asked us to go back later tour bus to continue our Xcaret tour although it is three and half hour later. At same time, He promised us that Xcaret will take care of our loss in the tour bus and give us the refund of our travel tickets. Then, Angel brought us to the later bus heading to Xcaret.
In Xcaret, the supervisor Norma Soriano allowed us to have pictures taken without charge since we lost our camera electronic device. By the time of finishing the trip in Xcaret, she took my emails and told me that she will send our pictures to me by email. So far, I have not received any email from her.
On Dec. 29, we met the manager Sergio Carames in the Aloft hotel and he told us the Xcaret will come here before 10:30am to meet me with my refund and resolutions to our loss in the tour bus. We had waited until 10:45 am and nobody showed up. We had to leave the hotel in order to catch our plane at 12:45pm back to U.S. and I left all my contact information to them. So far, we have not received anything from them
We lost our bag after we boarded the bus and both the bus driver and the tour guide were in front bus. The travel company has liabilities of our loss including our cash, credit cards and drive license. I file the complains and request the following:
1. We deserve to get the refund of $380 for the tickets.
2. We need our pictures in Xcaret that the supervisor Norma promised to send to us.
3. We want to know what the solutions from Xcaret and Travel Agent at hotel Aloft are to our huge loss by the theft occurred in the tour bus. They have liabilities on our loss.
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    Be careful Xcaret Bus tour and the theft is on the bus. The driver and tour guide allow the the theft to steal your stuffs

Jan 18, 2017

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