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Last August, I took my son, Breylon Washington and daughter, Kynnedy Ross to a dental appointment. Kynnedy needed sealants<br />
and Breylon, needed fillings, a crown and sealants. We went back for a couple of sessions, and the crown was done. They gave me a list of other things he needed to have completed. The crown kept coming off and they kept gluing it back one. They told me they completed all the work in his mouth on the right side but we had to go back for the left side. I did not go back, because every time I went back my son would go into a panic. They gave me a list of other things that needed to be completed, which would cost another decided to find somewhere else to go. As with Kynnedy, the sealants were done which are to last, $800. I paid to date $796 for Breylon and $220 for Kynnedy.<br />
<br />
I finally took them to another dentist, Radford Wellness Center in Pearland, Tx. They had a full panel of x-rays. It was determined that Kynnedy's sealants were not good, they will have to be drilled off and will have to be replaced with a filling in two of her teeth Tillman done. With Breylon, the tooth with the crown; the nerve is dead and they will have to pull the tooth. His sealants will have to redone as well. He also has an abscess on this tooth. What if I would not have taken<br />
him somewhere in time and the abscess burst. My son could have been seriously ill.<br />
<br />
<br />
I want these people to refund me every penny I spent on them and ensure that he has the correct type of people working in his office that are qualified. This should not happen to anyone else. I also want his to pay for the current bills that will undo what his office did. Breylon's will cost <br />
$397. Amazing isn't it, compare to the additional $800 they wanted to charge after I paid $797. As far as Kynnedy, I do not not they amount, but will file another complaint to add that amount.<br />
<br />
<br />
You may reach me at [protected].<br />
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Chandra C. Ross<br />

Aug 25, 2014

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