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Alltel Wireless / bad service and support

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They Lie! Cheat you out of your hard earned cash. Flip Flop on agreements they make with you.Numbers on my cell phone that I did not call,to make it look like there was no problem with my service. Starts at HEADQUARTERS and trickles down to costumer care, Ha. What a joke they are. Anything to get your money. I am asking people to file their complaints to the CONSUMERS AFFAIRS and the Better Business Bureau to fight the RIPOFFS.

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  8th of Dec, 2007
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I totally agree! If i had $200 to waste right now, Alltel would will never have my business again! The managers are all fake and just give you the run around! I have been with Alltel since 2004! I'm and on my third phone! I never received my hundred dollar rebate on my current phone. I asked several representatives and was informed that i would never get my rebate because they also bought that phone a didn't receive theirs either! One even gave me the "new rebate hot-line number" in which i called and it was the serenity pads hot-line for people with bladder control problems, the girl on the other line informed me that Alltel gives everybody their number!

Well needless to say that was the least! My phone is not even two years old now and my ear-piece, the arrows or my send button work! They tell me that i never had insurance on my account (which is a lie) but there is really no way to prove it without my previous bills! well the store manager Rob in Hinesville, Ga gives me the number to Assurian and informed me that it was a thirty day process but after thirty days i would have insurance on my phone! WELL NO... that was yet another LIE... that occurred on August 30, 2007 i called Assurian and started the thirty day process, i even got a call within the next thirty minutes confirming that it would be activated in thirty days! Well before my thirty days was up i happened to be i the Alltel store and fond out that when i had went in on August 30th that my phone was still under warranty, which ROB failed to tell me! Well it has expired two days prior to my current visit! So all they can tell me is that Oh well you can buy one of our refurbished phones for $300! I don't think so! Because as i said early if i had money to waste i would take $200 of it and get rid of Alltel! Instead i want any other users to know how i have been treated after fours years of service with them! I just want my issue resolved instead of Mr. ROB getting off the hook for being a pathological liar and ripping people off!

  19th of Aug, 2008
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Alltel needs to be shut down! Call a boycott now! A few weeks ago I helped my friend pay $200 of what she owed. The payment was mad out of my checking account. When I was online looking at my bank account today...mysteriously there was over $1, 000 worth of other unauthorized charges Alltel had been running against my account. That's not even including the overdraft fees they have incurred!!!
These people make me sick. I've never even had an account with them! I do not owe them any money and they just kept zapping it out of my account. They are the devil incarnate!

  7th of Nov, 2008
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i agree they should not be in bussiness. i have phone numbers on my monthly bill that i have not called. when they call the numbers, or they say they do, they say they are ligit. i even gave them my husbands cell phone just to see if they actually call these numbers, my husband's cell never rang. but they insisted they called that number. I was also misrepresented with my cell phone agreement, it was suppose to be a one yr contract, when i went to cancel my account after the one yr i was informed that it was a 2yr contract and that games were installed on my phone. if im the only one on my phone and i have no kids to put games on it how am i responsble for the games and the phone nubmers i never called?

  13th of Mar, 2009
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Alltell has terrible customer service. A couple of years ago I purchased a phone with a freedom plan for a particular area; because I was a student, my billing address was different than the address I needed for on my freedom plan. When I got the phone in the mail, I discovered that the numbnuts gave me a freedom plan that corresponded to my billing address instead of the area I had very specifically asked them for! I called to have it corrected and kept getting passed back and forth between departments who each said the other department was authorized to fix the problem. I spent two hours on the phone with the chuckleheads before I finally figured out that they didn't want to help me because they knew they were still getting my early cancellation fee out of me if I decided to cancel at that point.

So I decided to take the phone into the store at the location where I needed service and have the plan changed there. I waited in line for over an hour just to finally be told that they didn't have the software in the store that was needed to fix my frigging plan. So I just cold stopped using the phone and waited with 'bated breath for my damn plan to be over with.

Now they're trying to charge me with ### I know I didn't use. Man, every time I see one of those stupid Chad commercials I just want to rip his blond head off his shoulders. Verizon should sue their ### for trying to make them look bad in those stupid spots. Alltell: Come and Get ###ed up the ###.

  10th of Apr, 2009
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I too am finding Alltel to be nothing short of a joke these days. I have had service with this company before they were even Alltel, when THEY were still CellularOne. I recently went in to replace two phones on my account which I thought were both out of contract as it had been two years since I had bought the same time. I get to the store, pick out the phones I want, and then as we are setting them up Alltel informs me that one of the phones is still under contract for another year. WTH?? How can one still be under contract and not the other when both were purchased at the same time, two years ago? I told them that was not right, and they actually managed to fix that after much runaround. Now my complaint falls with their rebate program. They used to send checks for the rebates for their phones and now have switched to those stupid prepaid Visa cards. I recently used one of the cards to make a couple purchases making sure to write down the amounts I spent each time. I then was going to finish off the card by making a final purchase in the amount which I thought to be still remaining on the card. It comes up declined. So, I go home call their little 800 number on the card, get the automated customer service, and check the balance. It says I have one dollar less than I should. Now mind you, this is only a dollar but are they skimming a dollar off of each of these rebate cards or something? These are supposed to be no interest, no fee cards!!! Where the hell did my dollar go? Even on the automated service it tells you each transaction amount and for the recorded transactions through them there is a dollar discrepancy which is not accounted for and was not an authorized deduction by me. Can you imagine if the company that is issuing and honoring these Visa cards is taking a dollar from each person, how much money they are making off of us? Why can't Alltel just go back to the old way of issuing an actual check? So, I guess we still get screwed no matter what. Ridiculous.

  10th of Nov, 2014
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I totally agree with all of you. I am a current alltel costumer and I had to cancel an internet because it was not working since I first got it. They changed the box twice and now they are saying that my computer do not take the wifi because the wifi boxes are not update it. My mom went to them yesterday because her phone is not charging and there was a lady that was talking to us and some other guy thinking he knows it all took the phone away from my mother and acted it like he was checking the phone and he said the battery was fine and I told him that they can not just look at the battery and say it is fine. They need to get in the computer and check what is going on with the phone. So he ignore me and all he did was mess my moms phone more because he put the charger in and started moving it around and he came and said that it was charging that nothing was wrong with in and when we got home and my mom tried to charge it it wasnt doing nothing at all so we went back to the office and my mom call the big office and even the big office tried calling the store and they did not answer. so when we went back they said that the charging porter was to far in the phone that we got to pay 200 dollars to replace the phone and all that stuff. I think it is so wrong that we got to deal with the abuse. Plus, as far as I know if you are told that your plan is unlimited which mean everything even data. they should be unlimited not just tell you that mess and than you recieve a text every 2 days telling you that you have reach 100% of your data and that it will cause you 10 more dollars for one GB WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. when they suppose to ask you if you would like to add one more GB for 10 dollar... HELL NO THEY JUST CHARGE YOU THAT ### AND MAKE THE BILL COME HIGHER THAN WHAT IT SUPPOSE TO BE AND THEY DONT EVEN SHOW EVERYTHING THEY ARE CHARGING YOU ON THE DAMN BILL... THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE CLOSED UP LIKE NOW AND FINISH ALL THIS MESS BECAUSE NOW THEY ARE GOING TO CHARGE MY MOM FOR A SERVICE THAT SHE IS NOT EVEN USING NOW... THIS NEEDS TO END LIKE NOW ASAP BECAUSE IT AINT FAIR THAT THEY ARE CHARGING US FOR ALL THIS MESS THAT WE HAVE NOT HAD. THEY NEED TO TRANSFER EVERYTHING TO AT&T LIKE NOW... I AM SERIOUS

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