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Alltel DSL / feels like I live in the bermuda triangle!

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Feels like I live in the Bermuda triangle. Neighbors 1 1/2 block on either side of me can get DSL and for two years the company has told me they would have it where I could get it by spring of the year. Still no internet. I am 2 1/2 miles off 196 on tanner st and 2 1/2 off hwy 301. Live on rd 261. And also since Alltel home service is now windstream you have to wait sometimes 30 minutes to get a customer service operator to talk to you.

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      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    I have seen so many complaints on Alltel since they have changed to Windstream. Not just in my state but from many different states. Here is my Alltel/Windstream nightmare. I also have been begging for DSL service for 2 years. But what really gets me is my Mother who lives 5 miles from me in a more rural area than I do has had DSL service through Alltel/Windstream for over 2 years. My sister in law had a friend/co-worker move in who is about 2 blocks from me and she was told she could get DSL and her service would be activated on 6-16-07. When she got her modem and hooked everything up, she wasn't getting a DSL signal so she called technical support who sent out a technician and they charged her $49 to send them out. They never came into her home, so no one has any idea what they did or if they were even there. She was told yesterday that her service would be available within a couple of days. I called Windstream and asked yet again if DSL was available to me and the rep advised that it wasn't and before I could even say anything about the neighbor having it, she asked if any neighbors nearby had DSL service. I explained that this was the main reason I called because a new neighbor in the area does have the service. So she advised to go ahead and submit an order for the service and if I couldn't get the signal, then they would remove the service from my line and I would not be charged. So that's what I did, she placed the order and said my service would be activated on 7-3 and I should receive the modem before the activation date. Well I got the modem today, on the activation date. We hooked the modem up and needless to say nothing happened. No DSL signal. So I get on the phone with tech support and he advises that the order was canceled because I am not within the 18,000 feet of the service center required. I inquired as to why they would cancel the order before I even received the modem and he responded because the technician in my area advised that I was not within the 18,000 feet required. Of course I am thinking, oh you must mean the same technician who has been coming to this area for the past 2 years who oddly enough no one in this neighborhood has ever seen hide nor hair of. But I tried to remain calm. So I asked him what am I supposed to do now put the modem back in the box and mail it back to you. And he replied yes, very rudely I might add. So I responded ok I can do that but before I do I will call New Wave Communication who offers DSL and digital phone service. Then I called my mom and she said to just call the billing center back and tell them to place a new order for the DSL service because I have the modem and if they would activate the DSL on my line I would at least like to try to see if I can pick up a signal before sending the modem back. Now here's what really ticks me off. I got in my car and drove from my house to the service building which services my area and it is 3.6 miles from my driveway which would be 19,008 ft. However, take into consideration that I must first drive .4 of a mile east then 2.3 miles south then .6 of a mile west then .3 of a mile south to get to the service building which the rep advised I must be within 18,000 feet of to get the signal. I am certain that the telephone wire does not have that much curvature in it and find it hard to believe that considering having to go east and then back west to get to the service building it is most likely that I am within the 18,000 ft required. My mother, on the other hand, is 4.3 miles from the service building which services her area and she has DSL service. You travel 3.6 miles east and then .7 of a mile south to get to her house from the service center building. She went through pretty much the same ordeal trying to get her service, only it took her a year and a half. She finally went to a service technician in her area and he started arguing with them that he knew she could get the service because her neighbor directly across the street who was further from the service center building already had the service. They did the same thing to her, before she received her modem they canceled the order and she called billing services again and placed another order and they canceled it on her yet again. So the tech she got involved started arguing again and they finally turned her service on. This is truly a nightmare. I can't for the life of me understand why we, the consumers, have to practically beg for the businesses services. Why are they in business if they don't want to offer their service?

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      21st of Sep, 2009
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    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger!!! I live in Dinwiddie Virginia and I have been waiting for dsl forever!!! Verizon took over Alltel and the could'nt provide service or repairs for the customers they already had. They are getting to big and offer lousy service. You call for repair and go thru 3 0r 4 reps and then get hung up on. I want DSL out where I live but the only way is Hughes Net and that is slow too!!! They like our money but we get nothing in return. The line repair men have told me time and again they are over burdened and not enough help and the line out my way are rotten and need replaced. The lines go down all the time or filled with crackling noises. I feel I'm wasting my time cause they don't care...I have been told 8 different times by Verizons reps that DSL was available in my area and 8 times I have recieved and sent back their modems. anybody have any suggestions??????? HELP!!! I'm stuck in the past with dail-up...

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