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AllsportsMarket / Crystal World Holdings / Chris Rabalais / Fraud

1 United States Review updated:

This site was shut down with no warning after months (and in some cases years) of failing to honor withdrawal requests. Repeated attempts to receive compensation or clarification on when debts will be honored have been ignored revealing this operation for the scam it is.

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  • Cr
      22nd of May, 2009
    +9 Votes

    AllSportsMarket® Official Updates and Timely Important Legal Notifications Concerning the Settlement of Your Account:

    Official notices will be posted on the home page:
    Follow the subscription link and be sure to confirm to receive email updates.

    Background information can be found here:

    Follow the blog here:

  • La
      28th of May, 2009
    -9 Votes

    Timely...HA! I had been wiating 9 motnhs of a withdrawal when the site close. I have no confidence in that the "new management" being unveiled June 30th will provide any more resolution!

  • La
      5th of Jun, 2009
    -10 Votes

    This is the contact information i have for this organization. Can Crystal World confirm it?

    Crystal World Holdings, Inc.
    I.P. Licensing Authority
    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

    Administrative Contact:
    Rabalais, Chris
    I.P. Licensing Authority
    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

    Technical Contact:
    Rabalais, Chris
    I.P. Licensing Authority
    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

  • Ch
      19th of Dec, 2010
    Best Best Advice +11 Votes

    AllSportsMarket Compliant Accountholder Settlement Legal Process – Initiating January 1, 2011 and Ending March 31, 2011

    Begin date: Saturday January 1, 2011 12:01 A.M. U.S. Eastern Time

    End date: Thursday March 31, 2011 11:59 P.M. U.S. Eastern Time

    Compliant former AllSportsMarket (ASM) trading account holders will be offered two (2) options for the final legal settlement of open balances:

    Exchange of common stock in Crystal World Holdings, Inc. (Washington, D.C.) for trader cash and sports derivative contract open balances. This excludes ASMA1 which was previously conveyed. My personal CWH common stock will be used and exchanged at a rate of $2.00 per share. This assumes the scheduled 40 to 1 split and a minimum listing price of $2.00 per common share. Sports derivatives will be valued at last tick at market shutdown. These common shares will be drawn from my personal holdings and a legal document will be executed to convey the transfer. A full release of liability and agreement to full settlement will be required by each ASM trader accepting the offer.
    A debt instrument will be executed describing the total sum of cash and sports derivatives (at last market tick) payable on the books of Crystal World Holdings, Inc. owing the total original balance plus interest at a rate of 6% per annum from market suspension until fully paid. A full release of liability and agreement to full settlement will be required by each trader accepting the offer.
    No combination or other settlement mechanisms will be offered, entertained or agreed to. Any open accounts remaining from Friday April 1, 2011 12:01 A.M. U.S. Eastern Time forward will no longer be recognized by Crystal World Holdings, Inc. or any of its parents, successors, principals or affiliates.

    Interested parties should join this social network (if not already a member) and contact me directly for instructions. Account information will be verified against our records and fulfillment instructions will be provided to valid holders. Time is of the essence.

    Published this 16th day of December 2010.

    By Chris P. Rabalais

    President & C.E.O.

    Crystal World Holdings, Inc.
    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

    NOTE: This is neither an offer of sale of securities nor an indication of a public stock offering of any kind.

  • Cr
      17th of Jun, 2011
    +10 Votes

    SportsRiskIndex™ - Systems and Methods for Risk Management of Sports-Associated Businesses patent is now pending in the following 44 nations:

    United States
    United Kingdom
    Czech Republic
    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    San Marino
    Bosnia And Herzegovina

    This list represents most of the G-20 world’s largest economies and the fastest growing emerging economies. Approximately 3.65 billion people live in these 44 nations representing almost 53% of the entire world population. The total annual economic output of this list is USD $43.226 Trillion, which represents almost 70% of the entire world GDP.

    All ASMA1 (Rainforest Internet Providers, S.A.) holders, ASM accounts that registered their valid legal claim before the expiration of the March 31, 2011 deadline and direct Crystal World Holdings, Inc. stockholders are vested in these patents. The aforementioned are also vested in the SportsRiskIndex™, SportsFolio™ and The New Sports Economy™ trademarks.

    For more information visit:

  • Al
      25th of Feb, 2015
    -7 Votes

    After years of disrespect to customers, this "company" continues to be the same or worse. They have a new name and probably some new features. However they keep confiscating people's money.
    Let's stop this scam. If any of you has any information on how to take them down for good, please send me a message to
    They stole me over $1000.

  • No
      30th of May, 2017
    +2 Votes

    @Alvaro M Mr. Alvaro, I personally did everything I could to see your claim under the old company was honor in the new effort. You chose not to meet the one condition set forth to get your claim, simply remove your negative comments from the complaint boards. You chose not to do that therefore your claim was not honored. No know, No one stole from you . You made your choice. Now you have to live with it. nb

  • Da
      30th of May, 2017
    +8 Votes

    This company has done EVERYTHING they can to see this project through. People get angry and say and do things irrationally. I would assume that people 'losing money' in a stock market happens; in this case you wouldn't have lost anything had you just stayed the course and watched as Chris and his team did and do everything to make things right. Many business flop with investors from the early stages left with nothing; this would be the same except for the fact that the things that slowed down the progress were seemingly out of their hands. Now, that they have righted the ship and spent the better part of a decade to do so, there needs to be some sort of flag waving party where all the pirates and haters get on the same boat and sail away. Better yet, sign up to ASM and get your trading account rocking on the learning market.

  • Al
      31st of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Dani11 No no...this is people "Winning" money and not be paid off. This comment must be by one more "friend" of them which, at the end, only repeats what Mr [censored]e Rabalais says.

    Let's do all something to stop these criminals. Here is again my email in 5 lines
    (dot) com

  • Da
      31st of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Alvaro M So if I'm a friend, then you are a foe? The bottom line is that you people come on here and act like kids looking to extort people for things you 'claim'. All anyone has to do is look up the back story via and it is easy to see where this started and where it is going. You jumped off the ship...don't be mad that it didn't come back around to pick you up. Even though, Chris and his team have done EVERYTHING they can to make sure EVERYONE got what they deserved. Keep putting up your email there :)

  • Da
      31st of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Through that entire timeline, and since has been up and running now for over 2 years through beta and into limited money market; how is it that there are only 2 people that are mad after all these years. Just two of you? Not a bad track record when you see how corrupt daily fantasy sports has been over the same time period :)

    Did you know?? ASM has an approved patent in China?? GOOGLE - Sports Risk Index Patent China
    Oh ya, these guys and gals are just a bunch of criminals lol
    Attached is a picture of the ball hockey team my friend plays on that ASM sponsored this year and last year...again, just a bunch of criminals helping people play sports. Geez, give it a rest.

  • Da
      31st of May, 2017
    -1 Votes

    Lastly, if people want to complain or go at someone publicly to try to make problems - here is all you need and
    Go ahead...send them some messages. I'm sure ALL the people that are SO mad at these 'criminals' would already have this info to post and say things; guess there isn't much to complain about.
    From website is an attached flyer of an event held in Hollywood. Why would they bother going to the heart of the entertainment world if there wasn't good intentions?

    ANYONE that reads this complaint is going to see it is a couple of people that likely bought 76er's shares and were made when they only won 6 games. ;) Dividend payouts come from owning the shares in winning teams; that's the investment paying out. Invest in better teams or hold teams like the 76er's for a couple of more years. They look like they are on the up swing.

  • Da
      31st of May, 2017
    -2 Votes

    /link removed/

    Same guy...trying to cry the same foul. It truly is amazing how silly people can be. The harm that is done here (to ASM) is SO MINIMAL if even measureable, that this all, at best, is quite laughable.

    For those of you that may not be aware of what AllSportsMarket is, here is a screen shot from their home page.

  • Al
      1st of Jun, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Haha guys! You are fantastic. Yeah, let`s sanctify those already convicted people: they have done such great things to the economy and the world with their fantastic ideas. Hahahahahaha.

    Really a waste of time to write here, you are right, but I have already done all I could, including FBI denounce. Luckily several other people are in the same situation as me and we will look for a case this can fight this mafia which is obviously showing up here.
    Keep cool guys, you do what you want to do, one day you will pay.

  • Al
      6th of Mar, 2018
    +2 Votes

    Still no justice has been made, the person that at one point pretended to be the "saver" of everybody is just another scammer, probably from Nigeria or other similar countries. He hardly writes one correct sentence in English and has no sense.
    See here my 1, 800 balance confirmed by the new Elon Musk of sports economy (having facebook page with 1 or 2 likes per post..haha).

  • De
      11th of May, 2018
    -2 Votes

    I would just like to chime in and say that ASM is now also working with U.S. and Canadian regulators - including the SEC and OSC on the full path to regulation and creating sports as an asset class that can be traded on the exchange. The setup is legal in all 50 states, unlike DFS and gambling.

    Ive been a trader on the current platform for over 2 years now without issue.

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