AllSkin / Skin Glow / skin product scams

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Alaskan and SkinGlow are the skin product, it attracted many people to try their trial products (14 days free trial). But they have waited after 12 days then send the full package for US $261.

I have ordered the trial products in July 18, 2016 and didn't receive it until Aug 2, 2016.They waited until the trial time is almost up then ship it out to me. When I receive the products, they have already charged the money from the my MC and then inform me about the above product and it was too late to cancel the order, will not be refunded.

It was sent from North York ON, but I have been charged in USD dollars. And when I asked for the head office phone #, they don't even know what company made this products or a phone # that I can call for dealing this matter.
They must have done this scam to many people.

Aug 05, 2016

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