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Words can't even begin to explain how terrible this company is. I made the mistake of using them to manage our rental property when we had to move out of town temporarily. First, when the house was put on the market, they made no efforts to show it at all. The house was listed for 2 months with no contacts. We decided to place an ad on our own on Craig's List and immediatly found several interested tenants. My husband and I found some people to rent the house on our own! Allred then acted like they were SO generous to waive their outrageous "leasing fee" which is equal to 1 month's rent and is charged for the "advertising" they do on the property. Why should they collect this if they couldn't even find a renter for us? Then the nightmare continued, we were promised we would receive the rent money the day they receive it from the tenant-not so much. After the contract was signed, then we realized they only make 1 deposit run a month. So we have had to wait until the 15th or 16th of the month in hopes of receiving our money. Each time we would call to ask about our funds, some punk that they hired would give us an "I don't know" answer and blow us off. Typically their excuse is the 500 customers they have, apparently they are too busy for decent customer service. Obviously they don't need anymore customer's. On several occasions, their employees talked to me like a was a idiot, they would doubt my statements and refuse to e-mail copies of documents requested. My most recent run in was with the actual OWNER, Jerry Allred himself, who literally yelled at me saying I was his worst customer yet. Sounds like someone you want to do business with? I will say I have not been the most pleasant customer to work with. I've worked in customer service for several years and understand starting off rude does not get you anywhere-apparently neither does being nice with this company. I tried the nice route and feel I was more than justified to be his "worst customer". Please do not put yourself through the stress and headaches that are caused by this poor excuse for a company. You WILL regret it.

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      27th of Jul, 2010
    Allred Properties - Bad busines people
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    My son was just ripped off by these people. I would steer clear of them. I have not heard anything good about these guys. He could never get them to do anything in a timely manor. When he confronted them about it they made up excuses about how they were just about to finish, but when he checked the property they hadn’t even started.
    He opted to pay them $ 500 dollars just to end their relationship. In the end it was well worth it. He is much happier now.

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