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AllPRO Heating and Air Conditioning / Bad service

Unit 105United States
Due to incompentency and safety hazards (oil leaking from heater caused by technicians incompentency, blowing the pump seal (tech. shut the oil supply lines off but did not open them before he turned the pump on and again causing oil spillage and damaging the pump). Asking the homeowner to borrow an oil filter wrench. Leaving the home the first time after stating the heater was good to go but did not put a vent hole in the new stack pipe to check the efficiency of the heater which homeowner requested. Then when removing the filter the tech. twisted the oil line from the filter to the pump.The oil line had to be removed from the pump and the twisted end was still attached to the oil filter housing. He stated he put a new line on but actually cut the twisted end off and reattached the old line. The reset button was used to turn the heater on then a black button on the primary controller was used to shut it off.The thermostat was not used to operate the heater to cycle.Tech left the home. Homeowners used the thermostat to turn on heater and only the fan came on not the pump. Called owner of business owner stated he would send tech. right back out. Tech used reset button on the primary controller to turn pump on causing oil to spill from the pump to the burner nozzle (which the homeowner noticed and told tech.) Tech then shut the pump off and began to tighten the line and turned the pump on and oil was leaking perfusely so he turned it off again to tighten it again. Homeowner said the line is a thin copper line with a single flare on the end and it could have split.Tech took the line off the burner nozzle and said it wasn't seated right and that this would stop the leak. Tech opened the sight glass window cleaned the oil from it that leaked into it. Homeowner suggested replacing the line feeling it had been compromised by over tightening and not seated properly.This was ignored by the tech. The thermostat did not turn the pump on only the reset button. Now tech stated the primary controller was bad and would have to return another day. Homeowner contacted the owner after tech left. Homeowner expressed his concerns of competency, safety hazards regarding tech. and asked for owner to come out instead. Owner stated he was going away on vacation and he would send the same tech out. Homeowner asked for another tech and owner stated again the same tech would be returning.Tech returned to replace the primary controller and oil line(that homeowner requested before). Tech shut the oil supply lines off but didn't open them up when he turned on the pump and it blew the seal on the pump causing oil to run on floor. Now homeowner was told the pump was bad and would need another one.While tech was still at the home homeowner made many calls to the office, left messages but did not receive a call back. Homeowners could not take anymore and felt he was incompetent and stopped him before anything else could happen fearing the safety of their family and home were being compromised. Tech left the home. Homeowner called the office again and the owner (whom was suppose to be away answered by just saying hello). The homeowner asked who they were speaking with and there was silence, again the homeowner asked with whom they were speaking with and the owner finally said it was him. The owner had spoken to the tech by now and the homeowner stated their concerns. The owner asked what the homeowner wanted at this point and the homeowner stated they wanted their contract money refunded and to cancel the contract. The owner said he would cancel the contract but would not refund the money and for the homeowner to get someone else to fix it and hung up on the homeowner. The heater is going into it's 10th winter and was well maintained every year until the homeowner hired this company to do a winter cleaning. Imagine a perfectly good heater with high ratings, great efficiency levels now sitting in the homeowners basement unable to operate due to a incompetent company with an owner that will not undo all the wrong they have done. Please realize that a company can do anything they wish and not be held responsible for their actions unless consumers like ourselves make them accountable. Don't make the same mistake we as homeowners have done with this company by giving your business to them. Beware of such a company when the owner answers his business with hello (when a problem is taking place) and ends a call by hanging up on his customer (after telling them to find someone else to fix it). The company states in the contract they are available 24/7 though the homeowners were told how the owner had to pay his tech overtime to accommodate the homeowners 3:30pm appointment time. How much should a homeowner endure? We as homeowners would tell you this, (you should not endure)negligence, incompetency, disrespect, safety. When does a homeowner say stop? A homeowner has the right to stop a service at anytime when the service has compromised the safety of the family and their home. We are very distrait to have let this company into our home. Please don't let them into yours.

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