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1 104 W. 17th St.,Newton, KS, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 316-283-4350

In April 2007:

I originally refused delivery and Sarah called me and said you would replace every panel free of charge and mailed to me ASAP. So Land Air Express re-delivered it and I have accepted delivery with those expectations. Sarah asked me to send an email with pictures of the damage from shipping to this address. Basically, EVERY panel is damaged but the front fender and skid plate and the antenna snapped off and right blinker light needs to be replaced and the rear spoiler. I emailed pictures several times.

Sarah, Michael, and Jeff all were nothing but liars to get you off the phone or reply in a email that parts would be at my door in one to two weeks. It's been over a year and I have never gotten anything! These promises were constant lies and a waste of my time. $2300 for a 250CC Scooter worth about a $1000 when I received it.

After many emails and many, many calls over a 6 month period and rude customer service I realized I was screwed. This business should be closed down!! They are useless DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

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  • Ja
      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    I too bought a go cart from all new sports, and I've got the run around for a year. I not only bought the cart but the extended lifetime warranty, 15 minutes into my daughters first ride, the motor broke, I also had to send pictures, constant calls, long distance no less, contact with roketa in california, which was no good . This company is definitely a scam operation, they don't stand behind the product and they pass the buck and want you to deal with their distributor, whom I may add refuses to deal with the customer only all new sports. This company is a lose lose situation, I filled reports with the better business bureau in witchita and attorney generals office in kansas. I have also filed a fraud report with my credit card company. I had kept record of every converstation, email, and everything I sent to them, I spent 1900.00 and have nothing to show for it. This company is a rip off and they just pacifiy you but they don't do you any justice. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, AND any company that may have an affiliation with them.

  • To
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    I agree whole heartedly that i would never buy a rocketa of any kind. chinese equipment is plain and simple the worst in the world. It is total crap and do not buy one of these. i have a friend that trusted to go there & now he regrets it. I have 30 miles on my bike & i have broke down on the road a dozen times & crippled to get back home. Plain and simple you should stay away from allnewsports period. The worst costumer service that i have ever encountered & the equipment is terrible.
    learn from mine & my friends experience. I also bought a 250 rocketta with a 260 cc listed on my reciept & recieved a 240 cc. I had to make a duct extension on my engine from the drive train to keep dirt from just going right into it. In other terms, it wasn't even a complete bike & it doesn't run...period...get the picture from these write ups or live with regret. Courtesy call!
    Do not buy a rocketta & do not buy from allnewsports. Junk...junk...junk

    Tom Johnson

  • Ch
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    i also purchased a small childs quad from these people! had i contacted the bbb first and read the numerous reports on [redacted] and others, i too would not have made my purchase. i sued them in michigan small claim's court, and won a judgement against them, to which they have not paid to date. i'm in the process now of obtaing their financial records, of which i'm told is virtually nothing. in other words they don't have two nickles to rub together. i've been told to just be patient, because interest and penalty's are accruing. it also is strange that a scooter company in okla. called alite scooters, has a website virtually identical to the defunct one under reconstruction in kansas, and has only been operating for one year. could it be? na! there smarter than that, or are they?

  • Ch
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    allnewsports as of 8-13-08 is in contempt of a michigan court ordered judgement. they owe $642 plus interest and are running, from their obligation to settle this matter. ms. sarah butler so called manager and brian ngyun, are both ignoring all letters calls and emails, while the interest of this judgement continues to climb. why they don't take care of this before the court takes what little they have, is beyond me. what part of contempt of court, don't they understand. running away from a problem or trying to open a business under a new name or in a different state, mr ngyun will not make this go away. do the right thing and step up to plate and resolve this matter today!

  • Da
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    We need to all get together and place a class action suit against this company. I too have been screwed. I simply asked for parts and was lied to bu Carl for 3 months. Now Sarah and John will NOT refund my money and I still have NO Parts. They will say what ever and totally lie the next minute. All I am asking is for $115.oo and I will settle.. Please e-mail me at to form a qua rim for suit.

  • Sc
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I have had similar problems of all that i have read about complaints against rokeeta and and totally agree and believe there is a class action suit here now if we could just find a great attorney for that we may do alot better. i bought a 250 rokeeta and has been in shop 3 times and going in agin this week. 3 tims the wires came off the starter and valves were never adjusted in carb at factory. customer service totally sucks and unknowledgeable in thier product. now the rear brakes went and i think its a hose cuz fluid all over and no brakes, when its fixed this time im going to SELL!!!

    please let me know about class-action suit if enough ppl get on board !!!

    scott phillips o1nationundrgod@yahoo

  • Ka
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    Any one interested in information regarding Alite Scooters and other companies selling you what is to be a new Scooter go to the following web site and see if they can help you., choose your state and write a complaint into them. Best of luck to you.

    Still looking into Class Action Law Suit...

  • St
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    United States

    look up not one good thing about this company.i purchased a go cart for my child it ran for about a week and then all hell broke loose, tried to contact but this is not possible cant get a person to talk to, very very bad people and i hope you burn in contact if any one can help

  • Ca
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    I have to say, I never had a problem with my Rocketa scooter I bought from All New Sports. When I recieved it, it was damaged, we called them imediatly, they said if I took photos and emailed them, they would replace the damaged panels, I got my replacement panels within 2 weeks. Eveyone I contacted in the company were very polite and took care to make sure I recieved the replacment panels and if there was any other problems. The gas gauge did not work, nor has it ever, but I felt it was not worth the problems of sending the scooter back to have it repaired, to this day, the gas gauge does not work, but I get 150 mies per 1.3 gal tank on the scooter, and just keep an eye on the odometer to make sure I get gas in time.
    My only probem now (I have had the scooter for 2 years, with NO problems ever) is I cannot find their website to see if I can get another key for my scooter, my brother borrowed it, forgot the gas gauge does not work, and when it ran out, he thought it was something else, got mad and broke the key off in the ignition, then broke the ignition, but I need that same key to open the gas cap. Only one key came with the scooter.

  • Ha
      14th of Mar, 2010
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    These people are affiliated with Alite scooters and are charlatans. I purchased a scooter in Aug, 2008 and is still inoperable. First it was a defective carburetor which took several weeks to replace. Still problems. I asked for a proper repair manual which they refused to furnish. I went to their recommended repair shop and without a manual couldn't find the problem. After some months the repair shop owner located a manual and discovered the factory wired the scooter incorrectly. He did his best and the scooter still does not run properly. He opines there are other problems. I now find out that Bryan Nguyen also owns Alite. Bryan Nguyen is a bald faced liar and I have written proof. He told VISA that he contacted me and I said "I don't care anymore, I got my money back so do what you got to do". This was after I contacted Visa and got a refund which was later reversed in Alite's favor. I never called Alite. I also bought a lifetime warranty. I submitted repair receipts on 1/6/10. No answer yet. I have filed a complain with N.Y. State Atty. Generals Consumer Frauds Division. I'd gladly join in a class action suit.

  • Ma
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    I am an attorney representing a married couple that was terribly injured as a result of TWO almost-new defective scooters purchased form these people. If you have any info about their identities, business partners, suppliers, current aqssets or locations, PLEASE CONTACT ME.

    Matthew C. Justice
    Lennon, Miller, O'Connor & Bartosiewicz, PLC
    151 South Rose Street
    900 Comerica Building
    Kalamazoo, MI 49007
    phone: (269) 381-8844
    fax: (269) 349-8525

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