Alliston family pharmacyPharmacist got personal

I was a regular customer and I received wonderful service until I notified them I was leaving my doctor in the plaza. They have been extra nice to me through the whole relationship until then. I asked if the pharmacy could walk across the hall and talk to reception in the doctors office connected to the pharmacy and ask them if they were taking new patients - as I was looking for a new doctor. They have two phone numbers on record to call me back To reply. It was Helen the pharmacy assistant I returned the call. First she ended up calling the wrong number and leaving all my personal information on a strangers machine. Them when I called back later since I never heard from them, Helen tore a strip off me for asking them if they can do me a favor like that. The reason why I asked them if they could ask the reception is the lady at reception is the sister-in-law to my ex best friend. I was nervous about talking to her. Apparently the receptionist and Helen the pharmacist, talked a lot about my past with my ex best friend. Saying bad things like I'm stalking my ex best friend and causing problems on Facebook - which is another legal matter because I'm not! After Helen received that news, that's when her demeanor changed towards me. And like I said she got quite rude. Telling my personal business to a stranger on the wrong number phone number. Then I decided to go in and close my account. I did not inform them I was doing that. I had to get the rest of the prescription filled at first she would not fill it. Then the assistant had to tell her that I still have half a prescription left to fill. She huffed and puffed making the other two workers uncomfortable. She told one of the ladies I had to pay my account in full. So I dip with no problem. I kept my composure the whole time even while she was being rude and saying nasty things under her breath. Then I asked if all my blister packs were ready. Because I wanted to take everything and not come back but I did not say that I was not going to come back. She got mad at me again because I change my mind about when I was going to pick up my blister packs. There was an argument over which contact number to call me on. And she said she called me on my landline. When I returned home, I doublecheck to see if there was a message and there was not. This I believe is very unprofessional behavior and not acceptable to have her personal opinion about my private life made known to complete strangers over the telephone, then being yelled that in front of her coworkers that they are not prone to doing such favors. I mean all she could've done was tell me, "no, sorry. We don't do that for her patients.

Feb 09, 2015

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