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Allison Heating and Cooling / Absolute worst heating service

1 PO Box 820Millersburg, OH, United States Review updated:

Our heater went out and Allison Heating and Cooling, OH LIC # 14320 of Millersport Ohio was the absolute worst service anyone could ever experience.

On 10/22/08 a service Tech was sent out and spent a total of ten minutes in our basement, he called me down and informed me that the problem was a little black rubber hose that was clogged. He blew through it, and told me the problem was fixed. Just a very short time later (about 10-20 minutes) the heater went out again.I promptly contacted the company and the owner (Sue Allison), said that she would contact the Tech.

TWELVE days later STILL NO HEAT and that was the last we ever heard from Allison Heating & Cooling of Millersport Ohio LIC# 14320.

My wife and I have called numerous times and left many voice mails and the company absolutely refuses to return our calls, yet quickly cashed our check.

Once again, still NO heat.

This is one of many consumer complaints I posted in order to get our money returned, and I will continue doing so until our money is returned.

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  • Ni
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I just wanted to add to this and try and protect other people out there. Allison Heating and Cooling was designated by our home warranty company, American Home Shield, to remedy the problem with our furnace (no heat). Allison made no attempt to work with us on finding a mutually agreeable time to perform service. We had to work our jobs and Allison made it pretty apparent that we'd either have to take off work or arrange for someone to be there so that it was convenient for them. We ended up having someone available at the house for them to meet. I even confirmed with Allison the day before, leaving a message on their answering machine (they don't answer the phone much) saying that someone would be there. I asked for a confirmation phone call back that they were phone call back. I got a call while I was at work the next day (which I couldn't answer). It was Allison saying that if I didn't call back confirming that someone would be there, they'd have to reschedule...WHAT?! I wasn't able to listen to the message until after the time frame that the work was supposed to be completed. I called Allison back to politely ask why there were so many break-downs in communication, but I had to leave another message because no one picked up. I called back again later and no one picked up. And it's funny because they still haven't called me back to reschedule service or answer the phone message I left. You fail at life, Allison, and that's why you get a second bad review from this disgruntled home owner.

    I AM going to give props to Columbia Gas and their ESP (Extra Service Protection) program. Luckily, I had signed up with them for just our furnace (another nice perk about the program is that it's pretty much a la carte on anything you want to protect). I called them after Allison failed miserably. They sent out Air Supply to take care of the issue and they were awesome. They worked with me to come out the same day and came after I got home from work! Yea Columbia Gas and Air Supply. Boo American Home Shield and Allison Heating and Cooling.

    Just an FYI for anyone wondering if my comment has any credibility. I invest in rental property heavily and I've worked with a number of companies when it comes to not only HVAC but pretty much everything home related. I usually don't waste my time writing comments, but this was just too over the top for me to ignore. I hope karma kicks AHS and Allison in the teeth on this one.


    Nick Long
    Bexley, OH

  • Ms
      18th of Dec, 2008
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    Still no heat. Dianne Park couldn't have said it any better. I think this is a ma/pa hookup, and shouldn't be in business for the type of service they provide. I definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. All the other companies were booked up and this was the only company available; WELL, I SEE WHY. Nobody wants [their service] TERRIBLE SERVICE. Instead of blowing in a hose, he wiped off the flame sensor and said it was now fine [which should have been replaced-sensitive item]. Day two, returned visit, he said it was a gas valve; a few hours later NO HEAT. Day 3, another visit from a different company and after this visit, I will never accept ALLISON HEATING/COOLING in my residence. It's worth waiting a day or two for the other guy.

    When AHS told me they were sending this company to me to complete my repair I wished I would have search for all the BLOGS. This is a lesson well learned, beware of the UNFAMILIAR COMPANIES, do a search to see what blogs are out there and for this company BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU READ. I HAVE YET TO READ SOMETHING POSITIVE

  • Hv
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    How to not be scammed by an HVAC Tech:
    Be polite, offer the tech water or coffee, and have a flash light ready. Watch them while they are working, but keep your mouth shut, just observe. Offer to hold the flash light. Don't make distracting chit chat and don't ask the tech for a conclusion before he/she is ready. Have a note pad ready, don't take notes yet. You may not understand what he is doing but you can observe what areas he is working in and how much time he spends in one area. If you have some knowledge of heating and cooling or engineering don't tell the tech. You may hear an audible groan, if you don't he/she will be thinking "oh no not another engineer with a chip on his/her shoulder." The reality is if you could have fixed it you would have already, instead you called in an expert, if the tech is not an expert, you will have a chance to point that out later. For now just keep quiet. If the tech seems overly chatty about how you need to spend money on other "upgrades" like UV lights, just make the briefest comment you can about how you may be interested in talking about that after your problem is diagnosed. If the tech is nervous and tries to get rid of you by telling you to go adjust the thermostat, tell him flat out that you prefer to observe and he/she should feel free to make any adjustments. A true technician will be able to focus on the diagnosis of the system and reach a conclusion regardless of weather you are there or not. Once the tech reaches a conclusion he/she will approach you. Now is the time to ask questions. Some good questions are:
    What do you think caused this part to fail?
    How do you know it has failed?
    What test did you preform to determine this?

    That last question is a great one, it really tells you if you have a true tech or a bull
    A true tech will be able to answer the question and even show you.
    "Mr. Homeowner sir, you have a failed gas valve and thermostat."
    "Oh, both parts are bad? How did that happen"
    "Well..sir... the transformer here, creates 24 volts, now it has a little breaker on it, which you saw me reset, lucky for you it has a breaker other wise you might need a transformer as well. Ok, so it creates 24 volts which travels up to your thermostat and waits for instructions once there is a call for heat it travels back to the furnace and goes through a bunch of safeties, eventually it gets to the gas valve and energizes a coil which turns on the gas and gives you heat. Now your gas valve has an internal short to ground I can measure that here. But I know your thermostat has also failed because after I reset your breaker I could not get a call for heating, so I bypassed it here to test the rest of the system."

    Now this is a good explanation, but it does raise some new questions and it does simplify some of the science (like transformers don't actually create 24 volts they transform), but the techs ability to simplify the language and help you see what happened is a real good sign that he/she knows what he is doing. Now he may be lying, but remember you observed him/her the whole time, so you can now ask questions to clarify, questions like, "Is this (pointing to a bundle of colored wires) where you bypassed the thermostat?"
    His answer should further clarify and in effect teach you some thing:
    "Yes the voltage travels up to the thermostat on the red wire and comes back to the furnace on the white wire, you can see on my meter here that the circuit is open even though your thermostat is calling for heat."

    Now the tech has just raised the level of discourse. He is now letting you into his diagnostic process. Are you able to follow? This depends on you knowledge and his/her ability to explain. If either are lacking you have to start trusting, or asking for further clarification. These questions could go on endlessly but they often don't. There is nothing wrong with asking for an education as it relates to your problem. A good technician will be happy to oblige. One who does not know what he/she is doing will get frustrated, angry, or overly technical.
    Be calm take a breath, ask him/her to do the same, and say you don't under stand.
    If he starts to contradict himself start taking notes.
    You may end up speaking with his boss or another company and you will need the notes.

  • Ar
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I too have a home warranty company.They have insisted that I use Allison. After two days called off work and 165.00 later my problem is still not resolved. I have had no heat for 3 days. They refuse to do an emergency call. They have been out three times to fix the problem. The furnace shuts off after an hour and wont come back on. Please, Please, Please. Listen to this before you hire Allison Heating and Cooling Millersport Ohio LIC# 14320. They do not know what they are doing!

  • Ro
      2nd of Jun, 2014
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    I actually just had a very positive experience with Allison heating and cooling. They were provided to me through HMS home warranty. After contacting them by phone they sent a service tech out in less than three hours. He was very nice and walked me through the problems with my system. They got the approval for repairs by HMS the next day. After the parts arrived they returned on a saturday and fixed my system. The service tech showed me the repairs as he was making them and he answered all my questions. My system now works properly. I will definitly use them again in the future if needed.

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