Allift Holdings Pty Ltdpoor service delivery no communication and delayed response

The telecommunications services has been down since Monday 5 January 2015, I called in to contact centre to enquire and service was restored, on Tuesday 6 January 2015 the complete telecommunications system was down and reported it via online as well as automated services. My business partner called in and was informed the cable was the problem. To date 10 January we still have no service on all telecoms and no call from Telkom to apologise for the delay even though it was stated to my partner on the date of enquiry 6 January it will receive attention the next day. What we rather received was a small apology rather stating that there sms system was a problem and will be corrected. This is not the first time Telkom has given us and other consumers service delivery problems, it's been going on for ages and all the consumers has to accept is there apology and excuse for incompetence and still have to pay for service under delivered. No compensation whether in additional service provided or recompense financially on invoice for faults. Our services gets disconnected rather should we as consumers not pay on time. Something needs to be done about poor service delivery and incompetence on staffing levels.

Jan 10, 2015

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