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I received my bill late. When I realized it was do, I contacted allied waste. They said I had to pay an additional $30 service interrupt fee. I paid all of this and it was posted 06/19/2009. Then on 06/25/2009 I put my garbage out and they took my container.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Union Grove, ALI contacted them, and they said I owe and additional $50 reinstatement fee and a $75 CONTAINER FEE, which I did not pay. Then on 06/27/2009 I received a bill that says I owe $5. It says nothing about the other fees they say I owe. I called and they said the would not give me another container until I pay all of the extra fees they have made up. This is what happens when you have a monopoly. If you have had a problem like this please post them! They are a ripoff based company.

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  •   Jan 23, 2008
    Allied Waste Services - Terrible service!
    Allied Waste Services
    15469 S R 17
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I have spoke to Bonnie several times and have not been able to get my problem resolved. She said it was my problem the court gave the wrong information. She said I had to contact the court to let them know it was not my account. She also told me the court had the social security numbers (which is illegal on any documents for public record). If it is not my account why would they give me someone else's ss #?

    She is the rudest person and was no help. I asked her for a phone # or address on the account and she said there were 'several', I asked if any matched mine and she would not say. She told me I could not 'prove' it wasn't mine. Now she knows it was not my account so I asked if she'd send a short letter stating that to the 3 credit bureaus and she said no because it was not her fault! What customer service Allied offers!

    I rent 3-4 dumpsters per month and I guarantee none will ever be with them and hopefully a lot of others do the same. I have gotten one dumpster from them and I paid with a credit card. They picked up 2 days early and I only had it half full. I was even charged $1 and some odd cents that I wrote a check for after they picked it up. That was the last time I'd ever deal with them.

    Then this happened to me and it wasn't even my account! I went to the bank to refill a house and was turned down because of a recent judgment. I don't even want to resolve it now and contact an attorney and see what damages they may be liable for.

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  • Bo
      Mar 23, 2009
    Allied Waste Services - Unethical business practices
    Allied Waste Services
    United States

    I had Allied Waste Service as my garbage pick-up using one of their dumpsters. There are several issues with them.

    They make you sign a contract to get the service going and try to lock you in for 36 months. They frequently miss dumping your dumpster and then when you have more garbage than the dumpster can hold we set it on top because there is no where else to put it. They then try to charge you for the extra garbage that is there because they did not dump your dumpster on time. There fees are exorbitant and continuously go up even though their contracts state a specific price.

    They will not remove the dumpster from you property (at least not yet) and I assume this is to be able to continue charging you. I am fed up with this company and want to see their business practices stopped.

    And I can never reach the person I need to reach in order to cancel this service even though I have repeatedly tried to by phone. He may call back when he feels like it, but I have not been here and I do not have time to sit by the phone and wait until he does. I have emailed them to cancer this, but to no avail. This company is under-handed and I will no longer tolerate this.

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  • Ja
      Apr 10, 2009

    Some Guy invited himself onto my property claiming to be Al'Lied', Waste rep., he made various claims of which his Company would not deliver on, He claimed that on the last day of my service with the old company, all I needed to do was leave the can on the curb, and al'lied' would take care of notifying my previous hauler. The container sat on the curb one full week, I called Al'lied' waste, and their customer service lady (very snapply and insensitivly) to my story said that, ., I, am to do all the calling to my old company) which I had made very clear I would not feel cormfortable doing) the rep. promised that I would have to do anything but leave the container on the curb. So when I called my old company I was told that they have no knowledge of my discontinuing their service. I am now being billed a penalty of 170.00 for non-contract compliance. I feel that allied lied to me about what was supposed to happen, WARNING: don't let these people on to your property.

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  • Pa
      Jul 21, 2009

    I was not late on my trash bill with allied waist, my trash can just disappeared at 1st I thought it was stolen … big blue container with allied on it, I thought something was fishy when I called and they too told me I would have to call in a police report and pay a $50.00 fee for the container and a $25.00 ($75.00 total) fee to have someone deliver it… I went to my neighbors and asked if they had seen what happened to my trash bin… They informed me that they had seen an Allied waist pickup truck that had come by and picked up my trash can. Now I have been 3 weeks without trash pickup my bill IS PAYED IN FULL … I too refuse to pay any additional fee’s to Allied for a waist can that should still be in my yard… They informed me that without a driver showing proof that he picked up my trash bin it would be hard for them to replace it… I informed the lady on the phone that she was mistaken and MISTAKES DO HAPPEN!... and I would appreciate the return of my canister… I wanted to know why if I pay rental on a trash can money isn’t set aside for replacement insurance, wouldn’t that correct this “IF IT WERE STOLEN!!!” she said that is not part of their policy. ??? Confused like me???? Now I wait in LIMBO for my so called stolen trash can. Stolen and witnessed of allied driving away with it … In my book this is called FRAUD!!! Springfield Illinois : Allied Waste

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  • Bs
      Mar 05, 2010

    I was not late on my payment matter of fact I had just paid in full with 60.00 over the bill to cover any additional while my family and I went on a emergency trip to Denver. I had discussed with my neighboor that we were leaving out of town Monday morning and trash and yard waste scheduled to be picked up Wednesday. He said he would keep an eye out for me. As I return my trash had not been picked up and my yard waste bin gone. I called in, was told I did not request yard services for the next year and the took it and said I needed to call them within 24 hrs for missed garbage. I told them regardless my service was interupted by them and they needed to return my container and pickup my garbage now. I was told not their fault and nothing they could do. After talking with a manager and explaining how they have bent me over he agreed to take care of this. They never came to pickup my garbage so it wnet out on the regular the following week. I am still waiting for my recycling bin 1 and a half months later. Got my bill ---LATE--- showing a 15 delay/clean up fee for 50.00 when I was gone in Denver, a 10.00 restart service fee, a 15.00 delivery fee for my yard waste can. I called up questioning these charges asking for this yahoo who was a so called manager, was told no such name or person was a manager with this company. HOLY CRAP... I have no other option but to run the garbage and yard watse myself to the local dumpin my family car because of the monopoly system they have set up here. In the mean time I will be billing them for cleaning services in my family car for the [censored] they have pulled on me!!! Allied Waste Kent, WA you are a true scam and rip off company causing the decay in this country!!!

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  • Am
      Feb 09, 2011

    DO NOT go with Allied Waste!!!
    They have you sign a 5 year contract and you cannot get out of it without a lawsuit! We have not signed anything with them since the beginning, 10 years ago, but because we did not send a certified letter to them 5 years ago, we still under contract!! If we don't file a certified letter now, we will be stuck for another 5 years! How American is that!
    They imprison you with a contract and they can go up at their discretion at any time, you however, must pay or face the consequences. They are twice what other companies charge, because they are quote"The Neiman Marcus" of garbage? What does that mean???? I don't care what my garbage truck looks like...its freakin' garbage.
    Now we have to hire an attorney to break from these [censor]...

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