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Allied Industries / Rip off

1 United States

My husband and I had a small business that has been closed for about 4 years now. A year ago a place called Allied Industries (a collection agency) began calling me and very rudely stating that we are deadbeats and own a long distance bill to the phone company ( SBC which is now AT & T). I told them I did not know anything about this and would talk to my husband who was working out of town at the time. Allied Industries called me daily and each day told me I had better have my husband call them, I just didn't want to pay my bill, what was wrong with people like us, and so on. My husband called them back and paid some part of the bill. Told them he would pay the balance to send him a statement. We never received anything and to tell you the truth, we forgot all about it. The total bill was $53.48 and he paid $13.48 and told them he would pay the balance of $40.00. He had just gone back to work so we could only pay the $13.48 at the time. Today I received another call from them rudely stating that I was difficult, I just didn't want to pay my bills, couldn't I get it through my head they were a collection agency? When I got upset at the way I was being spoken to and asked to speak to a manager I was told I couldn't speak to a manager as I was just upset because I owed them money. I couldn't get a word in edgewise as the rude man talked OVER me! I asked him for a reference number and reluctantly he gave it to me. I asked him for an address to send in the $40.00 payment and he refused to give me an address saying that I had LOST THE PRIVILEDGE OF MAILING MY PAYMENT!!! He wanted me to do a check by phone or credit card by phone. I was not about to give these rude people access to my checking account or my credit card number. I again asked to speak to a manager and he refused and hung up. I called back and he answered with "What do you want now?" I asked to speak to a manager again and he again refused saying it wouldn't do any good as I was just not wanting to pay my bill. I told him I would call back and get a manager and he said if I called back he would hang up on me! I then went online and saw many rip-off filed for Allied Interstate. I contacted AT&T and told them the story. They apologized and offered to send me a statement from them for the $40.00 and I could pay them direct.


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