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Allied Engine / Incompetent customer service

1 201 Benmont AveBennington, VT, United States

I purchased a remanufactured engine from Allied Engine through NECO Engines. Allied is responsible for the warranty. The engine seized in mid-October as a result of damage to the timing chain tensioner caused by Allied during the remanufacture process. Allied has admitted that the repair was done incorrectly, and the employee that did the repair was let go. Allied states that they don't have the tools/experience to repair the engine, and they can't afford to have Toyota repair it. When the engine seized, the car was towed to the closest Toyota dealer where, under authorization from Allied, they tore down the engine and diagnosed the problem at an expense of $870. Allied subsequently stopped the process and did not pay for the authorized work, which required me to pay the bill to retrieve my car and avoid storage costs.

Allied has shown poor workmanship and business practices since the engine was originally remanufactured and installed. When returned, the engine ran so poorly that they had to take it back before I received it to change out the head gasket (2 weeks). It also had a horrible vibration, and the engine would hesitate upon acceleration. After having the car for another two weeks, Allied said they found nothing wrong. I took it to a Toyota dealer and they immediately diagnosed and repaired the balance shaft timing (vibration) and reset the computer (hesitation). Allied resisted, but finally paid me what I had paid to the Toyota dealer for the repairs ($500).

I have offered to release Allied from the warranty (I would have no faith in the car anyway) if they would pay for my costs of the engine, installation, and the recent Toyota bill (that THEY authorized). That would still leave me with no car, but at least I'd be out from under this mess. Allied stated in early December that they'd work with their insurance agent and adjuster to get me this money via their product liability insurance. I have provided them all the documentation they've asked for. As of late December the owner, Christopher Mayne, has stopped taking my phone calls.

This business is both incompetent and deceitful.


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