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AllianceCare / Terrible company

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My mother is now 88 and no longer ambulatory. Because she cannot go to the local clinic, we have been told. the ONLY option available is ONE private, for-profit corporation called AllianceCare that operates in three southern states.

When we first contacted AllianceCare all we needed was a renewal of Mom's blood pressure prescriptions for my mother's health is excellent. To obtain these simple prescriptions Mom was required to take a large range of services to include day nurses, night nurses, weekend nurses, the nurse that accompanies the doctor on his rounds, a physical therapist, a personal care assistant, a podiatrist, as well as the physician, all of them billing Medicare separately for each interaction, each interaction generating co-pay statements to a retired senior living on pensions.

This corporation is unprofessional. They show up when they have no appointment, don't show up when they do have appointments and freely indulge in petty behaviors like lying and misdirection. If you ask the simplest thing of them, like keep their appointments, or please come in the afternoon, they become passive aggressive. If you ask for a written notice to insure proper communication of an appointment, they tell you “we can't do that."

This corporation encourages it staff to be abusive and retaliative. Because we didn't want all of the unnecessary services, Adult Protective Services was called.

Adult Protective came to the house for six weeks in a very humiliating and depersonalizing investigation of our personal lives, primarily data mining our financial information they were pointedly interested in who owned the house and property, and how much money we had in cash, stocks, bonds, or any other assets. Questions about our finances were the most asked about.

The results of the Adult Protective investigation was that there was no cause of action and nothing was ever done; no emergency extraction, nor were any charges ever filed. They whole thing was just an elaborate harassment brought on by AllianceCare, Inc., in order to obtain absolute authority and punitive retribution for our objecting to being abused.

I called the AllianceCare office to inform them that her prescriptions had run out. She has MedCo which mails her medications to her. I was informed by MedCo that it would take at least two weeks before her medications would reach her.

I called AllianceCare again on 11.19.08, requesting a bridge script to be called into Wal-Mart until her other prescriptions arrived. To date, this doctor has not called in that prescription but we did receive a pointedly evasive phone call from his nurse-assistant saying that they would 'have to discuss' whether or not she would be allowed a home visit appointment or any more prescriptions which could have been interpreted as either a burn notice or a threat. The doctor has not bothered to communicate directly with either myself or Mom regarding these matters and no effort to date has been made by any member of that company to be a part of the solution.

Mom has been without a bridge script for her medications since 11.19.08. She is subject to stroke or death without these medications and this doctor and his whole staff knows it.


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