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Alliance Reader Service / Fraud

3210 Randleman Road - Suite 6Greensboro, NC, United States Review updated:
On March 9, 2008, in good faith, I placed an order for a Jet magazine subscription. My check (#1019) in the amount of $48 posted to my checking account on April 11, 2008; however, I have not received the magazine I ordered, or an explanation from your company as to what is causing the significant delay.

To date, I have not received what I paid for more than four (5) months ago.


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  11th of Sep, 2008
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I, too, ordered magazine subscriptions through Alliance Reader Service totaling $79.00 on 4/18/08 and as of today, have not received even 1 issue.
The phone number on the pink slip (336)697-2671 is disconnected and I get a web error when I try and access their website.
Is there anyone I can contact to right this wrong?
  17th of Sep, 2008
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On August 7, 2007 I placed an order with a gentlemen that came to my home. It was in the amount of $46, of which the check cleared my account several weeks later. When I had yet to receive my magazines by mid October, I called the number listed on the receipt. A gentleman named Lamont was to call me back according to Dana. The call was returned and I was given a new receipt number for my subscription and that they would process shipment promptly. However, the price of the magazines that I had ordered and paid for were over the amount that should have been charged, according to the phone call. I was then told that they would notate on my account that I was to call back in a year and they would renew my subscription since I had already paid more than the correct price. I have tried to contact that company today, and the phone line is disconnected, and now I am out my extra money and the renewed subscription on Today's Diet & Nutritionl, as well as Natural Health.
  17th of Sep, 2008
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I, also, have ordered magazines and even paid more than what the subscription is worth, come to find out. I am not able to get a hold of the company to review my account at the number on the pink slip of 336-697-2671, either.
  18th of Sep, 2008
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I am also a victim of this scam. I placed the order for three different magazines with a total price of $250.00 on 04/22/08, it is now 09/18/08 and no magazines have been delivered. It gripes me to think here was this polite man and woman telling me what a nice person I was, and me falling for this scam. I would like to know, if there is anything we can do about this. I also called the number and it has been dissconected.
  7th of Oct, 2008
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I just came across receipts from the same company, from which I ordered two magazine subscriptions earlier in the year. I never received a single copy of the magazines. I also tried calling the telephone number on the receipt and found it was disconnected.
  9th of Oct, 2008
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Alliance Reader Service - never received magazines that were paid for
United States
Phone: 813 870-1600

Two Afro American women; one in her 40's, and a teenager came to my door selling the Alliance Reader Service magazines which were, as their story goes, benefitting young teenagers to make it through school. I bought a two year magazine subscription for $30.00 and, of course, never recieved the magazines. She was very pushy to try to sell more, and calculated the wrong amount, a higher price than listed, and when I decided to cancel the check, it had already been cashed. Lots of fraud indeed. The phone number of the company has been disconnected without any forwarding number or location. I learned my lesson, never purchase anything at the door unless you know the person well, and know where they live.
  15th of Oct, 2008
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Alliance Reader Service - Fraud-Magazines
Alliance reader service
569 Asbury Neely Way
United States
Phone: 864-699-9587

On 4/25/08, Frederick Simmons, came to my house to sell magazines, he said he was from the alliance reader service, they help people get treatment for drugs problems, I got a total of $180.00 worth of subscription for magazines, and here I am still waiting.

  29th of Oct, 2008
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I too purchased a magazine for $38 on 3/27/08 and here it is 10/29/08 and still no magazine! I purchased this from some woman that came to my door with too many problems for me to count. I felt sorry for her and thought I was helping by buying and overpriced magazine. Now I feel sorry for myself! The number for Alliance Reader Service is disconnected. Has anyone founda way to contact them?

I am going to email my entire neighborhood and and warn them of this fraud!
  19th of Dec, 2008
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same situation with me. different salesperson. an outrage.

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