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I had a detailed conversion with Rick Anderson with Benefits USA on 11/03/08 where I told him I needed insurance to cover mental health for my son. He told me it would be covered at 70%. I had him check the list of providers to make sure this psychologist was on the plan and was told she was. I also asked about prescriptions drugs and was told I would not have to pay more than $40 for any drug. I had to wait until Dec. 1 for coverage to start. I then found out that mental health is not covered at all and was told just because a doctor was on the list of providers, that didn't mean they would be covered. That does not make any sense. Also, I take 8 medicines and he takes 2. My out of pocket for just my prescriptions will be over $1700 and is will be over $950. I asked if I could cancel the insurance if I did not use it and get a full refund including the $120 set up fee. I was told I would have to cancel the policy before they would discuss any refunds. Next time I will get everything in writing before paying for anything! This company completely lies in order to get people to sign up. I am better off not having insurance and just going through JPS. It will only cost me $200 a month for the medication.

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      Jul 06, 2011

    BUYER BEWARE OF BEING MISLED! I also had a horrible experience with being misled by this company. They called themselves Alliance Health Advisors when I spoke with their agent Julio Rodriguez. They have changed their name many times but the phone number and the situation I experienced are the same so I am confident that it is the same scam. When I purchased the plan, they did not tell me that it was a prescription discount card. They used the word "insurance" many times and told me that generics were $10 when in actuality generics are DISCOUNTED and MAY BE as low as $10 but only 1 of my four prescriptions was $10 while the other three were $50-100. The pharmacy said the card I was given is usually given by doctors to patients for free and was shocked that I was charged so much for it! I did not pick up the prescriptions and immediately called the agent to cancel and get a refund as I did not use the service at all. He took absolutely no responsibility for misrepresenting what he was selling me. He said that he is just a broker and can't give me my money back (even though he could take my money?!?!) but maybe the end company, Patriot Health would give me the monthly price back less a $100 start up fee. He refused to call Patriot Health on my behalf to request that the refund the full amount due to misrepresentation of the service. He claimed that his statement "$10 generics" is true and I said yes, those two words are true in SOME cases, but the full statements you made to me are not an accurate representation of the product I received and that act is an act of fraud against me as a consumer. I am currently disputing the claim with my credit card company. Any legitimate company would refund the full price. BUYER BEWARE!

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