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Alliance Financial Credit Corp / Awful experience

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I was looking for a car loan. My credit was not the best so when I found this company I thought it was god sent. I was so wrong. I applied online and within two days, got a response from a Betty Ann Clarke. I contacted her the next day and was told that I was approved for a 10, 000 loan. She indicated that it will be from a private lender and that there are certain criteria's. I had four choices a security collateral in which I was to pay seven payments up front by money gram, car title '06' or higher, insurance which equal to 12 payments, or a cosigner.

We chose to do the security collateral. We sent it to a Stuart Leiser in Boston, Massachusetts on March 18, 2009. We were then told that our wire will be sent out on Thursday.

Then we were told after a processing error it will be released on Friday. We were to receive it on Monday, but when Monday came no bank wire. I called and was told that the lender wants an additional collateral payment in the amount of 750 dollars and that the wire would be released immediately.We decided that it was all too many excuses and was indeed a scam. So, we decided to cancel and receive a refund. She stated okay and we should receive it by Monday, March 30, 2009.

When Monday came no bank wire was deposited. I called on Monday and was told that I should have received it and that there was again an error with processing and that my routing number may have been the problem. She stated that I would receive a cashier's check via FedEx on Thursday, April 2nd between 8am-12pm.

I called and told her that my bank stated that any cashier's check will be held for up to ten days or until the check clears. So, I stated that I wanted a bank wire instead because I needed my funds asap. She said I will call you back. I said do you want me to call you, she said I will, but she never did. So, when I called her back, her voicemail came up and the very next day, I can hear someone pick up the phone and put it to voicemail. Now, no one answers. She has it directing to her voicemail.

No one has ever contacted me. I have been the only one calling to receive information or updates. There is no customer service. Every time I try it always direct to leaving a message. Also, the address seems to be invalid.

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  • Do
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    I was in sort of the same situation, except I sent the extra "collateral" to this place in New York...all in all I sent $1650 american (I'm from Canada). I also told Betty Clarke that I didn't have enough funds to send the extra $750 that they wanted after all the money I sent, so I wanted what I sent, back to me. She told me that would be here in 5 business's now been 7. Now when I try to call to find a tracking number for whatever courier they sent it on and such, their phone doesn't even ring now. All it says now is "Thank you, goodbye". Then it convienently hangs up on you. As it is, I'm on the verge of a foreclosure because I sent them all this money and it doesn't look like I'm going to see it again. I feel like such an idiot.

  • Ji
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I am in the same situation wanted to buy a car for my daughter's graduation present and pay off some bills and got the same run around the place I used was in New Jersey the rep was Sydny Taylor and the money I sent was to a Lincoln Buchannon they wanted me to send an additional $500.00 dollars i sent them a $1000.00 now i sent my money and they have all my info so I guess were all ### out of luck but you should file a fraud charge with money gram so this does not happen to any one else I am contacting the attorney generals office tomorrow and get a hold of channel 7 news the lady that investigates people getting scammed I know I can't afford it and I'm sure nobody else can

  • Sa
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    Alliance Financial Credit Corp - Scammers
    Alliance Financial Credit Corp
    United States

    After a day of searching online for a loan I received a call from Sydny Taylor associated with Alliance Financial Credit Corp said I was approved for a loan and I had four choices to secure the loan instead of troubling family members to co-sign I opted for the security deposit i had to send 931.97 then the 60.00 to send it because as I was getting ready to send the money had the form all written out with the co. name she tells me I need to send it to a private lender that is giving me the money for the loan a Lincoln Buchannon sent the money within an hour he picked it up and talked to her again she said my check would be there the next day Sat came and went no check when I called on Monday she said there was a mix-up in the paperwork that said I was an existing customer when they figured out I wasn't they said they needed more money to secure it because I was a new customer I said no I couldn't afford it I had to wait two weeks for processing so I called a couple of days ahead and they said the money was set to be delivered that Sat between 8-12 no check came on Monday I tried to call them and have gotten no answer after awhile it sounded like someone picked up then hung it up to voice mail now it just says goodbye between all of us that have been scammed we should be able to kill there business can't file charges in court because the names we have are probally not even real I tried to do a background check on the phone number and the people I dealt with and got no results for anyone in this area.

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