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Allen Auto Transport & Leo's Automotive / Fooling around, dishonest, lie, hide the truth

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Allen Auto Transport & Leo's Automotive &

My husband and I are both in the military, so, we always move around. We let Allen Auto Transport INC. and its partner, Leo's automotive to transfer our Jeep Wrangler (with a nice secure hard top on it) from Norfolk naval base to Coronado base, CA. But, when my husband picked up our jeep on August 28 2007, all he see is our jeep's HARD top cover is completely gone and only left him a little broken piece!!! Allen Auto Transport Inc. and their partner, Leo's automotive blamed on the wind and said is either our car's problem or the wind damaged...The second day after my husband picked up our jeep, he also found out our original windshield has been replaced. Our original windshield has a little crack, and on the day Allen Auto Transport INC's driver picked up our jeep on Norfolk naval base, the driver wrote down "windshield with a crack" on the checklist, and he also signed the paper. So, this is the evidence can prove they replaced our windshield and they didn't tell us anything about it. They changed our Auto part of our jeep without our agreement, this is illegal. Am I right? So, something more must had happened to our jeep but they just try to hide it up with a ton of lies. My husband calls them on August 30th 2007 and asks them about why they replaced our windshield without our agreement. The answer that they gave my husband is that 'you did not give me the chance to tell you on the day you picked up your car and our company doesn't let me tell you... So, they admitted it. Our legal man on base here at Newport Naval Station is helping me to claim my jeep's top back. And when I called Allen Auto on August 29 2007, their customer service was extremely rude to me, didn't take this incident seriously. They asked us to get the evident together and fill out a damage claim form, then send it to them. However, they just put our claim on the table and cover with dust. When we call them, they said "oh, Leo's automotive didn't call you back? What we do is that we connect you to the trucker... we don't responsible for your car damage..." This is the situation of 'He said she said". They are fooling us around. This is our most valuable property that I and my husband own. They screwed our jeep up, replaced our windshield without our agreement , didn't inform us about the incident until the day we picked up our jeep, blamed on everything possible such as the Wind, the weather, the mother nature, dishonest to the customers, lie, hide the truth, impolite customer service, bad reputation... etc. I just can't believe we are serving our country with our heart, but our people return this to us and rip us off $1075 dollars. Please blacklist them! Don't let other innocent people get rip off by this unreliable company please! They don't want to take care of this issue! We need help!


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