Allemaengel Carpentry / Avoid like a plague

I hired a company to do some work outside my house, my front roof needed to be replaced, and also my foundation had some cracks and sidewalks around foundation cracks. Tom the contractor asked to have the money for the work all up front, so he could go buy his supplies. I, which was my mistake went to the bank and gave him all the money for the jobs. I was working that day, so I had to leave for work, at that time he gave me the written contract and I signed it, and he stated to me that he would get me a singed copy for me to keep, with his signature?? Well tis work was done at the end of September, and I have emailed 5 times to Tom requesting that he send me a signed contract of our agreement, I still to this day 11/15/2012 have no copy of the contract. I also would like to say he did a horrible job with the foundation, it looks just terrible, , I wanted it smoothed out for painting in the spring, it looks like he took a rake to the foundation, horrible, not to mention the cement he used is real white and my cement is like greyish. It looks like a road map on the side walks and foundation. So I will have to have that all redone come spring.


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