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Firstly, they try to lure you in by providing a 1 day free trial period. This try period is only around 8 hours actually! I joined a site and I couldn't even LOG IN...not to mention the other memberships they try to hook you into on the join page (need to untick manually)

AND you will get rebilled every month after that "1 day" for $39. So the only option is to cancel before they scam your money...

The WORST part is that if you want to cancel your membership it is incredibly hard. The search form does not find your account, so you cannot cancel by yourself.

Luckily, (I guess) they offer Live chat support. I tried this, got connected to "Divine" and provided my info. After 15min I was able to cancel my account and got a confirmation email of the cancellation.

I will keep a CLOSE EYE on my credit card account to see if any fraudulent bills come from this stupid scam site.


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      Jan 31, 2010

    thank you, this was a major melp

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      Mar 24, 2010

    I have had 2 experiences with this scam company now. I have filed a complaint with ICC and apparently they didnt do anything about it. I signed up for a website and made sure I unclicked EVERYTHING. That still didn't do it. Here is the 1 part that got me the 2nd time. I did a trial period for 2 dollars and that was just a tease. It wouldn't allow me access to the "good" content on the site. When I did the trial I made sure to unclick everything and thought I was fine. NOT!! Once I decided tghat I wanted the "full" content, I then hit a button on the website and then it said "click here" to confirm that you want full access. So I did and there wasn't ANYTHING else to unclick or uncheck, etc. Dont you know a few minutes later I recieve TWO emails saying I had not only signed up for the original site BUT allnetworkpass as well. Less than 10 minutes after signing up I was on the phone. I called the number on the email and spoke to a customer service rep who canjcelled my subscription and it only cost me a dollar! I was like shweesh.. I was lucky this time. HA they didn't get me!! WRONG!! I was signed up for TWO sites. I didn't know this til 2 and a half weeks later when I was looking at my bank account info. They also signed me up for allelitepass as well!! I was so pissed off. I didn't even know this til I called the phone number. I had not recieved ANY emails confirming this to me!! I didn't even know the name of the website. All I knew was that i had money charged and I didn't know what for! Bottom line they are a badd badd company and should be DESTROYED!!! They also have told me BOTH times that since I canceled, that I would be put on there blacklist. I DON"T CARE!! Sorry to rant, but i really wish there was some way to screw these people back...

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      May 23, 2010

    I have just received an email informing me membership to their site has ended.And would u believe it last wkend i was debited £74.99 thought i was being scammed but had no idea i was a member of one of their grotty sites.If this was happening to a sony shareholder or involved selling certain plant foods you would see action a-pleanty oh yes indeed.An insult to the good people who really make the net tick

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