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Allegiant Air / awful airline - allegiant air!

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My daughter attempted to check in an hour before her flight at Stockton, California. She was denied. The requirement was 2 hours in advance. They would not book her on the next flight leaving 2 hours later or put her on stand-by. The Stockton airport is tiny - Allegiant Air would not accommodate the 10 people who were booked on the flight but did not check in precisely 2 hours before departing. The airline was chosen because it's airport location was closest to us - without having to drive 60 miles away from home.

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  • Je
      1st of Aug, 2007
    +2 Votes

    I don't see all the facts here - I think we're missing part of the picture. All airlines suggest 2 hours prior to check-in. You didn't listen - sure, Stockton may be a small airport but you still have to follow the rules.

    I think what you meant to say was that you missed your flight because you didn't show up on time and the check-in was already closed; 20-30 minutes prior to departure.

    Maybe you'll learn next time!

  • Bo
      7th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    NEVER AGAIN.. will I fly on Allegiant Air. I had the worse experience with this airline. My friends and I had booked four plane ticket to Las Vegas. A month before the flight, there was an unexpected medical tragedy within the family. My sister was left in the hospital in ICU in critical condition not knowing if she was going to live (of course I can't go). I contacted the airline co. a month in advance to tell them about my situation (I would not be flying but my three friends are still going). They assured me that I would be taken care of (refunded) and had me faxed them some documents explaining the nature of the medical emergency. I thought that everything was fine(trusting the co. in good faith). Little did I know, that they charged my account and rejected my claim without even notifying me. I called them over 10 times escalating to speak to a supervisor, but they keep pushing me around and hanging up on me (not letting me speak to a supervisor.) Until, now the situation still has not been resolved.

  • Gl
      24th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Our flight from Bellingham to Mesa was great. As was the flight back.
    The staff onboard were quite fun. We had the same flight attendant on both flights, as well as the same pilot.

    However they never loaded my suitcase on the plane.

    It was almost 2 hours at Bellingham Airport to try to locate my baggage - with no luck.
    Mesa staff went home for the day, hence no one was there to answer the phone.
    I get a call 2 days later stating that my bag was located and that I could pick it up in Bellingham on Saturday! YAY! But... that means another 2 hour drive, passing through Customs, etc, etc...
    I just checked flights and schedules.
    The flight that my bag is supposed to be on comes in at 5:50. I can't pick it up until 8:30. Allegiant staff finish work and shut down at 8PM!

    The flight Attendants are great, but the ground and terminal staff are SO [censored]ing rude!
    One can not get through to ANYONE on ANY of thier phone lines.

    The cost of the flight was great, but I will NEVER fly Allegient again.

  • Ma
      27th of May, 2008
    -1 Votes

    This was the absolute worst sirline I have ever flown in my life !!! To whoever posted the FOLLOW THE RULES comment is bull**!
    Things arise in peoples lives but we arrived at the airport 45 minutes prior when I say we I mean my 4 year old and I and the hag would not let us on, mind you there was nobody in the airport and my daughter was crying but heres the kicker the stupid airplane sat there for another 45 minutes and the women whose name I plan to get at Santa Maria Airport looked at my child and flat out said NO !! when she asked if we could go to Arizona. Oh yes and coming back they boarded our airplane then they unboarded our airplane and then we boarded again and sat on the airline for over an hour WHAT a F---N joke this airline is !!! I plan to meet with the media to personally put them on the spot any suggestions.

  • Je
      9th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I will never fly this airline again!!! What a joke. We arived 45 minutes to the airport and theyt would not let us on the plane. We had to stand there as they called the other passengers onto the plane, while they told us the flight was already boarded. What a lie. When the manager told us they would accomodate us after they got the flight off she did nothing but tell us there was nothing she could do and that we could not get our money back. So not only did we not get to fly, the took our money and lied to our faces. Never fly with this airline, it might be cheap, but you get what you pay for.

  • Je
      17th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I will NOT fly allegiant airlines again from Stockton, Ca or any city that has this [censored] airline. We showed up 45 mins before the plane was to be boarded. Clearly on the service desk there was a memo that said you had to be present 30 min prior to boarding. My whole party of 12 people from Stktn to Las Vegas was hanging around the lounge waiting to go thru the detectors. I was waiting in line to receive my boarding pass and no one ever showed up. Apparently this airport is so tiny not only do the employees work the customer counter handing boarding passes they also do the luggage loading. My friends and family told the luggage loaders/ customer service reps near the plane that there were people in the lounge waiting for passes. And never once for 45 mins while the plane was being loaded a board did they send someone up to help myself or the 6 other customers that were in line prior to me.
    When the supervisor finally showed back at the customer service counter she said we weren’t there 30 mins prior. We called her on b*llsh!t and not only did she not accept an some attitude from people that didn’t board she also started to argue back and behave unprofessional by being negative toward everyone standing in line. This was the worst experience I’ve ever had anywhere in customer service. It’s obvious that the customer does not come first with this airline. I eventually drove to Las Vegas that night which was a ten hour drive. I am now out $230.00 due to this matter. So buyers, please be aware of this. Allegiant Airlines does not care about the customer. Again, allegiant does not care about the customer.

  • Kr
      10th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Everybody who pays 59 dollars for a ticket and expects concierge private jet service is just plain ignorant.

    Allegiant may not care about the customer to your satisfaction, but in the end, what corporation does? Does Dillards give a ### about you? no? they just care enought to get you to come back and spend your money at their store again.

    When you book a ticket on a discount airline, you are paying for a seat on a jet that gets you to said destination in mere hours. When you click sumbit on that purchase agreement, you agree that you are getting that seat. Allegiant delivers that product sucessfully 99% percent of the time.. That is why Allegiant Air flys around full airplanes of satisfied customers. That is also why Allegiant is the most profitable airline in the United States.

    Because of the nature of air travel, 100% of flights do not operate sucessfully. Weather, Mechanical problems, there are so many factors that have to come together to launch a single flight, its amazing ANY ever get off the ground..

    If you dont want to fly Allegiant Air ever again because you feel that in comparison to other carriers, you were treated poorly, then dont..
    Pain in the ### passengers such as yourself make the experience so much worse for the other 149 of us satisfied passengers, they should put you on a no fly list to preserve any semblance of order aboard any airline flight.

  • Ma
      7th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm going to have to agree with Jeff on this one. While I do feel for all of you who missed your flights, or were denied boarding because you arrived less than the quoted two hours ahead of time, you did knowingly sign the Allegiant Air user agreement upon booking your flight, which plainly states that you must be present two hours before your flight leaves in order to allow adequate time to pass through security and board the aircraft. While it might be easy to blame Allegiant, or their customer service reps, you truly only have yourself to blame.

    I personally have flown Allegiant Air to Las Vegas and Phoenix/Mesa numerous times, and had no problems or concerns about their level of service. They offer affordable prices and quality service; however, if you cannot abide by their rules, you should probably spend some more money and find another airliner.

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