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ALLCare Dental&Dentures


Fraud Billing

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Allcare Dental&Dentures
United States
I have all the paperwork and ready for a lawyer to come to the people to protect them from Allcare Dental & Dentures since our Attorney General, Consumer Protection Bureau is not doing their job in Lansing, MI., the tax payers are paying them to do. They have double charged and I have the proof. I paid for the work that was done have that paperwork also attached to contract of work to be done along with the pre-pay, and they are billing me twice and I can not wear what work they have done on particals. Does this look like $3, 972.00 of work? Did not think so. I do not stutter, but keep the facts straight, and honest. When Allcare Dental & Dentures called me about the extra charge of $1, 935.00, I told them your out of your leauge threatening me, that if I did not pay them the money they would have me in Court, sue me, I would have to pay for it, along that they would ruine my credit. Threats do not work with me cause when I get threatened and I am in the right they loose bottom line. Would like to see a Lawyer stand up and take on the case of Allcare customers, protect them and get a class action sue going. I know how to hand a Judge paperwork the way they like reading it and have it ready to present without waisting their time. Ity is called respect for Honorable Judge _________& Lawyer___________, & the Law. Now what is our tax paid Government paid Attorneys going to do is the question! Hoping they would do their job the tax payers are paying for. Consumer Protection Bureau! Ya think! There is no need for WORD BARFF on paper. This is easy to figure out what should be done for the consumer bottom line. Allcare Dental & Dentures are the ones in the wrong, along with the fact they closed doors and did not care about the consumer that needed work to be finished, but to call and threaten them if they did not pay for work that has not been done, this is a no brainer for Lawyers to take on, and if they do not they are as guilty as Allcare Dental & Dentures.

ALLCare Dental&DenturesALLCare Dental&DenturesALLCare Dental&DenturesALLCare Dental&Dentures

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N  7th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Allcare Dental & Dentures have done alot of damage to alot of people, and the fact is, by saving my paperwork, I had found that they are adding charges to work that had not been done, beside the fact that they do not know what they are doing in the Dental & Dentures work, besides having a very un-clean operation. I do not think they had sterlized anything. You know how dirt from hands builds up on handels. Their equiptment tool they work on your teeth, mouth showed unsanitary. Being a heart patient, it is very important that they should keep everything sanitary. But most of all the threating calls that I would receive from Allcare telling me that I owed $1, 935.00, fraud-recordkeeping, double billing, which would of totaled up to $3, 870.00 + pre-paid of $102.00=$3, 972.00 and I made sure that the bill I had signed for on contract, used credit card, had to contact credit card co., and tell them do not allow Allcare dental and dentures put on extra charge on my card. our Attorney General in Lansing, Michigan would not do anything about what Allcare did to costomers, which I had told them a year before what they were up to. I feel a Lawyer should take on a class action sue aginst Allcare Dental&Dentures, he sure would be rich, and the people who did not get the work finished and paid the bill are going without, I feel it is derilict of duity of our Consumers Protection Bureau, and they also should look into it since Citizens pay with their tax money to have the job to protect Citizens from Businesses that rip off the Consumer. It is time for the people that are honest and do pay up front sign contract, and the business that you signed the contract of what work they will be doing, do not do their job right, bill is not done legal, it has fraud written all over it, and should be a no brainer to Consumers Protection Bureau. I have all my paperwork just waiting for a class action sue to be in the works. The particals you see I can not wear, and do not fit. They just sit in a jelly square old glass container Grandma gave me for decoration now, showing me what our Consumer Protection Bureau is doing for the consumer that is honest but have money taken from them at these hard times we are having. We do not need anymore businesses ripping off the consumer. It is the Job of Consumer Protection Bureau to do their job. We are paying their paycheck right, thought so, and Attorney Generals of Citys & States should be right there protecting the consumer. It is their job even though they will send you a letter saying it is not their job. Then why do we the tax payers pay for these Government Jobs if they are not doing anything about Protecting the Consumer, Bureau? That is my question to you. The anwser they give us is take it to small claims court, well I am thinking this is not a small claims court situation bottom line. This is really health, derlict of duity, heart health, medical attention to have dental work done. It does affect the heart if Dental work is not done right. I can prove it just by having a Cardio Doctor write out from their medical books. WAKE UP CONSUMER PROTECTION BUREAU. ATTORNEY GENERAL'S. This is what the tax payer is paying you to do. Any smart Attorney would take on this case. Now tell me if what you see is worth $3, 972.00 not counting the interest of credit card, but for protection using a credit card is smarter than paying up front.

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