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I think I have you all pretty much “beat.” Having a huge fear of dentists due to some painful previous issues (not dentist related) it took me a few years until I was finally able to convince myself that I needed to be seen. I made an appointment with Allcare because of the hours and my work schedule. To make a long story short, it was all a fairy tale at the beginning. I needed work, they had a plan, financing ect. At the initial appointment after being seen by the dentist for all of 5 minutes, I was ushered into a room with a so called "office manager." They convinced me of the work I needed done and applied for instant financing even though I had insurance. By the end of the 10 minutes in the "private office" with the manager, I now had a credit card account with "Care Credit" which was immediately charged for the maximum amount of $1500. Very odd I though. Nothing had been done to me and I was in debt for this amount of money and my insurance was never touched. I should have seen what was coming at that moment. Needless to say, I was set up with an appointment once a week for the following month. I "needed" two root canals with two crowns on my two front teeth. Another Six fillings and two extractions. They I was to be fitted for a partial. I wondered when they would actually perform the cleaning... That was never done.

Here comes the fun part. A couple of my appointments I ended up needing to leave work for. Got to the dentists office, waited over an hour once and almost two another time to be told there was an error and I needed to be rescheduled. Ok, well it gets better. I had all six fillings done on a Saturday morning. Within six months, five of the six fillings were out. Not good enough of a complaint yet???? Ok, get this... I had two root canals with crowns at the cost of over two thousand dollars again on my front teeth. They temp. crowns were put on in October with the understanding I was to return after Christmas to have the permanent crowns put on. I did. Three weeks later, the first permanent crown came off. After three other, "complimentary" appointments to fix what they messed up, lucky me they were not going to charge me for them…(but they charged my insurance) It was time for my vacation to Florida. The day after I got there, the crown came off again with no way for me to fix it. I walked around my entire vacation hiding from pictures unless my mouth was closed. I am only 34 so imagine my humiliation. I got home and explained the problem to a new receptionist who informed me I was going to have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. I went ballistic...I walked into the office with my tooth in my hand and demanded to have it put back on. Oh they did all right... The dentist pushed it on SO HARD that she broke the remaining tooth structure that was to hold it on. Not that she left very much in the first place. I do want to point out that when I started with them I was with one dentist, then another, and then another and now there is someone new there and no one other than the assistant knows any of the pain I have gone through not just physically but mentally as well. I cried my eyes out. I worked in a business office with over 250 people and I was going to be showing up with no front tooth because the total and gross lack of competence of AllCare Dental in Nashua NH... The option they presented to me to fix this problem was to pull out the tooth and include it into the partial. I was not happy but was told there was nothing else they could offer me. So I allowed it. In the end, I have a temporary partial on the top. They fraudulently billed my insurance and the second crown in now held on my nail glue it also came off, instead of 3 weeks later, this one almost three months later. During this, I ended up with a high risk pregnancy so the last time I saw them was in July of 2009 for yet another repair to the temporary partial. I was told to return after I had the baby and that they would give me the permanent partial at an even exchange for all the trouble I have gone through. Again, I do also want to mention that during this short time period, the staff and dentists continually evolved. I was able however to get a copy of my records to that point as the assistant in the office gave me a copy because of the trouble I was having.

I think I have almost anyone beat with horrible experiences. I had my baby and went back to Allcare Dental for the permanent partial as promised. There is no one left but one person who is familiar with my problems with them however for some reason, this woman was “afraid” to speak up???? I showed up for my appointment last Friday at 1:45, and was immediately told by “Lisa” what a pleasant lady she was, that I had no insurance and unless I was paying cash for my services, they would not see. Not a big deal, I figured the office manager Steve would still be there to clear things up. Well I was now confronted by Lisa and another new dentist who informed me that things were now “done differently” at Allcare and they could not help me. I then waited almost an hour for “Lisa” to make a phone call before pulling me into the back office to discuss my so called treatment plan. I informed her that I was not following a treatment plan, that I just wanted the top partial and I would seek services elsewhere. I did not want to loose on what they messed up. She told me my balance was going to be over $3000.00. WHAT!!! The first 3K worth of services all fell apart within weeks of my visits. No more were they going to make right on anything. I said to her, why didn’t you call me to tell me this, I drove 40 miles to hear this, she literally raised her voice and steamed, “I DID.” (When I got home and checked, she did call, at 1:30... 15, min before my appt. Ok. Thanks since I live so far away. I was so upset I didn’t know if I wanted to scream or cry. I wanted to know who I could talk to over her head and she informed me she was now the manager. I then said I would be filing a complaint and going to court since they put me through all this and wrecked my teeth. She smiled and said go ahead. I was so angry, I just could not believe this was happening. Bottom line, at that point I demanded a copy of the records with this most recent appointment listed on it. All of a sudden she had no release forms for me to sign so that I could get new copies. I ended up storming out of there only to find out that they had been billing my insurance incorrectly prior to it being cancelled along with billing my insurance for things on inaccurate dates, things that they were not going to charge for as they were to correct AllCares mistakes…ect. The next day I got a call from AllCare Dental now accusing me of “stealing my records” from their office. I don’t know how they think I could have pulled that one off. I said to her well for almost an hour you dragged my records all over this office while being as rude to me as possible, I would think that YOU probably mislaid them. I hung up. Now today, 6 days later I get another call from AllCare Dental trying to confirm an appointment for me for tomorrow the 5th. Yeah, OK…I plan on filing a complaint with every possible avenue along with taking them to small claims court. It is not fair that I should have to suffer their incompetence. My teeth are horrible and even the “ask us and website avenues for filing anything, go completely unanswered. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT allow them to do this to you. Visit the BBB site. They have tons of complaints as well as have lost their accreditation. They are a fast food joint for teeth and run a very dishonest business. And do not expect to be treated with ANY amount of respect when they mess up and don’t want to face it. (By the way, I did get two other consults with other dentists, one of which is in process of writing his professional opinion for me to bring to court. Along with my records, it should help. Regards~

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      7th of Jan, 2011

    I feel your pain. I have been going through this hell for two years. I had a dental discount card that was accepted at AllCare. They roped me into almost 10, 000.00 worth of services. Told me I was getting 18, 000.00 worth of work for less than 10 G. All downhill from there. 3-4 hours vistis. Pain, rude receptionists. Then they did a root canal and then did my 1st bridge. I immediately went back and said the bridge did not feel right, there was a bad taste and odor underneath. they told me it looked fine, gave me antibitoica and sent me home. Antibiotics seem to do the trick, for a while... pain again, bad odor and taste and this time I woke up to my eye being swollen shut and my upper lip three times the size and a huge cheek. This time they told me I must have gotten food under my bride ( oh, and my bridge chipped terribly immediately after getting it) This pain occured several times, again antibitoics. I have lived with headaches and pain for a year and a half. next bridge is loose... have been trying to cancel the balance of my program for months. Still have 4000.00 worth of work to be done. Now...they go out of business. In the meantime. in so much pain and misery I go to a reptuable dentist and he has to cut n=my first brisge off and low and behold. the very first root canal I had done, had two roots but they only did the root canal one ONE ROOT!!! Then covered it up with a bridge. So, I just had another root canal done at 1000.00 and will have to have a new bridge 4000.00 put on. The other bridge is indeed loose and poor fitting . And to top it off, I have been turned down for health insurance because of excessive use of Antibiotics!! If they were still in business I would file suit. Now all I can do is only hope to get a few pennies on the dollar from the unfinished work that I paid for. I am going to contact GE money, since I still owe 2800.00 to them, but I do not see them doing anything, since they prob prepaid AllCare as part of the finance contract. I am at my wits end. Thousands of dollars down the drain and thousand of dollars worth of work ahead of me. And the office manager was the worst. he used to hide from me, because he was the only one that could cancel my contract. Now I am out 4000.00 and still owe 2800.

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