ALLCare Dentalcharges and high pressure

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Made an appointment for an "no charge" evaluation and consultation, they wanted me to pay $6300.00 . Upon balking from shear shock the Mgr. (mr Mafia type) started offering discounts. Pressured me to sign that day. Said I would have to think about it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Muskegon, MIHe ststed that "this price was only good for today" I called the next day after checking around, and ask if he could offer a better price. No was the answer. I am in the process of having the exact same work done for $3400.00 . This by a young up-to date dentist that is very good. Don't even look at AllCare, the even sent me a bill for $129.00 for my "no charge evaluation" which I will not pay!

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  • Ge
      Jul 17, 2009

    AllCare dental is a scam to get people signed up for medical credit card. I went for a dental checkup about a week ago, and today i got a CC from GE money which I didn't even apply. They are messing up our credit history.
    Going to dentist is just like applying for a credit card.

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  • Jh
      Jul 21, 2009

    I went to AllCare in Chattanooga TN. I wanted dentures as all of my teeth are cracking in half, no decay just cracking through the root. The dentist was RUDE and said I should take better care of my teeth. No plack anywhere no gum disease nothing. Said I needed partials and I said I didn't want to spend anymore money on partials because when I loose another tooth I would have to get another partial. He said " Well its your choice but I won't pull the remaining 6 teeth on top, you need to find another dentist" He would only agree to partials. Next the person in the office tried a VERY HIGH PRESSURE tactic to get me to sign a contract for some $7, 000.00 in dental work. NO WAY was I signing that and I wasn't going to try to pay off a credit for something I didn't want. I have lost another tooth because it was cracked. The one the dentist argued was perfectly OK. I called to get my XRay's and was told I had to sepnd another $20.00 for them because Delta paid for that visit not me . I paid $129.00 and I have the cancelled check to prove it but I was told it was a free visit that Delta would cover it. The person in the office said they had already checked with Delta and I had a $1, 200. limit for the year and they were filing the claim. Delta had no record of any charges for the year so far and they were never contacted by AllCare. These are not honest people and I believe it is a company owned and operated in India so there is no way to get to the top and get a honest answer.

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