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ALLCare Dental / The Scam

1 9701 Vista WayGarfield Heights, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 216-662-8791

Just so everyone knows the truth, it is just what you think. Allcare requires all office managers to deposit at least $1, 000.00 per new patient that walks in the front door. The model for the company is to get the patient in the door no matter what. The doctor will do the exam, set up a "comprehensive treatment plan" and try to get you to pre pay for your treatment. If you cancel treatment before you have dentures finished they will charge you for "denture steps". Keep in mind the denture steps that you will be charged for are not recognized ADA codes, but this is done in an attempt to adhere patients from canceling treatment. Allcare will also limit the amount of patients with DMO/HMO insurance that they will see on a given day because the insurance company doesnt pay them as much. Allcare will also make three attempts to call a patient who has prepaid for their treatment but not had it finished. After that, the money is put into a different account and it sits, interest free, until the patient calls wanting their refund. The office managers are paid on how much money they collect, so they will try and "close" every patient for an extensive treatment plan. The denture's that they make are decent but well overpriced. The most extensive denture, which is $1, 299.00 a plate (before discounts) actually costs roughly $300.00 to make. The managers give a 5% prepay, and a 10% senior discount, but are actually authorized to give discounts up to 20%. Whatever it takes to close the deal. Just a little info!

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  • Tr
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    99% accurate...the discount allowed amount is up to 30%. Also, Allcare states that their denture prices "start at" (x amount of dollars)...however ALL office managers are told while they go through "training" that if they sell even one Economy denture, they will be fired by the end of business day.

    Not to mention good luck in trying to get your refunds...Office Managers are given lists of reasons as to why a refund will not be processed. Even if they agree with the patient and feel the money should be returned, it must pass along to their Regional Manager who has final say. You can obviously guess what that reponse will be...the only time they willingly give money back is if it's an insurance overpayment. Oh, yeah...if you also are aware of the fact that your insurance company paid too much. They do have a "patient relations" department for you to call if you feel that your complaint or refund has yet to processed. They will agree with you, tell you that your money will be refuned only to be overruled by higher up.

    The only time that I have ever seen them flat out give money back is when someone complains to the Attorney General, the Dental Board, and take them to court...while your in court with them (before the proceedings begin) they'll strike a deal with you in the hall, give you ALL of your money back and try and encourage you to come back and "let them make it right."

    Hope this helps too.

  • Lu
      4th of May, 2009
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    this company is looking at a ton of lawsuits and i can't wait to file mine

  • Kb
      24th of Jan, 2010
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    I just had my teeth pulled on Mon.18th & I am still having pain and numbness on my rightside and swellen. I know its giong to take time to heal but, they put a temp plate on my bottom and they dont stay in my mouth!!! I had them adjusted a few times already &they just dont fit and make my mouth even more sore!!! why do I need a temporory plate why not put the permanent one in for me to get use too? they are the bottom ones to. I also have to wear a parcial up top. I was iffy about them from the beginning I am also so scared of a dentist to begin with!I go back Monday 25th jan. and I am going to let them know. I want this done right!!! OR I WILL SEE THEM IN COURT!!!


  • Dm
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    I would love to find out who has been successful at suing Allcare. I have the opposite situation - they will not give me a listing of procedure codes or the doctor's name who worked on my daughter before we saw the light and ran out of there. We were fortunate and did not prepay anything, but now I am getting bills and I have no backup to prove they did anything! Can't file with insurance either. I would love for them to sue me, because I have proof of all the contacts I tried to make. Who knows of a lawyer that takes Allcare cases? Please send to me at

  • Ge
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    Looking for other Allcare Dental patients that have been ripped off, mislead, lied to and cheated out of money. A Class Action Law Suit is definitely in order. I am not an attorney, but somebody has to start this to stop these [censor] from continueing and start returning people's money. If interested, email me at Once email is received I will reply form my own personal email address. LET'S GET 'EM ! ! !

  • Oh
      13th of Jan, 2011
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    Aspen/Allcare and Ohio State Dental Board Executive Director Lili Reitz
    The closing of Allcare Dental did not happen overnight. Their shady business and dental practices have been known in Ohio for more than 5 years. Everyone within the circles of dental regulation knew what was going on at Aspen/Allcare. The initial news is that Allcare dental offices closed their doors abruptly. Here is just a part of this story.

    For years dentists have told the Executive Director and Dental Investigators of the Ohio State Dental Board that the Aspen/Allcare business model is unethical and unlawful. The Ohio State Dental Board is the government agency responsible for protecting the citizens of Ohio from illegal dental procedures and business practices. The Ohio State Dental Board is the agency that is empowered to regulate and prevent dental care that is below the standard of care. They are responsible for the dental profession by enforcing those parts of the Ohio Revised Code that cover the practice of dentistry in Ohio. Lili Reitz, a lawyer, is the Executive Director of the Ohio State Dental Board. Kathy Carson, Gail Davis, and Harry Pasku are the dental board’s Investigators. They were supposed to protect the citizens of Ohio.

    Lili Reitz, Executive Director of the Dental Board has brought discredit to herself, Ohio regulatory and legislative bodies, and the profession of dentistry. It is time for Lili Reitz and dental board investigators Kathy Carson, Gail Davis, and Harry Pasku to resign or be removed. They knew what was going on. And they knew it for the past five years. Dentists employed by Aspen/Allcare, past and present, practically begged the Ohio State Dental Board to step in and do their job. Many of these dentists were certain that the Ohio State Dental Board would close the Ohio Aspen/Allcare dental offices before anyone got hurt. Some 150, 000 to 200, 000 Ohio dental patients have been “abandoned”. These patients have been denied care and many have lost money. Lili Reitz, Cathy Carson, Gail Davis, and Harry Pasku did nothing. This is a part of the story.

  • Su
      8th of Feb, 2011
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    Problem is we have people that do not know how to do right by the people and protect them from business that scams. It is ignored by our Government Officals like, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Bureau, to Attorney Generals of States, which are paid with the tax payers money. State Dental Board does nothing also. So why are these people getting paid to do nothing about scams from Allcare, when it is their job. I have my paperwork in order just the way they like to see paperwork in front of them to read as a Judge does, and waiting for a Real Lawyer to take on the suit aginst Allcare and protect the people Allcare has ripped off. #1 a Lawyer would make out good on a class action suit. #2 People would get their money back for work that has not been done right or at all. But since Lawyers has not taken action knowing the facts, it amazes me how they became Lawyers. This is a no brainer, grade school knowledge no brainer. It may not stop scams that pop up all the time, but now is the time for the people that have been ripped off by businesses to start taking action. It also has been telegraphed to Michigan Attorney General more than a year ago, and sure before that. I am sure that I was not the only one turning Allcare in for bad pratice scams. Allcare Dental &Dentures also making our Lawyers look bad in Michigan, Better Business Bureau looks bad, Consumer Protection Bureau looking bad also the Attorney Generals job. For sure any State Dental Board across the States are really looking bad not doing their job. This is a no brainer to take up a class action suit aginst Allcare Dental&Dentures. Wake up State Dental Boards and start doing your job your getting paid for, if you can not walk your talk get out and let a responsible person that knows how to do the job take over, to protect the consumers that gets ripped off. A NO BRAINER... We now can not trust our State Dental Boards to be honest in doing their job, Better Business Bureau, Attorney Generals, Consumer Protection Bureau. Did I leave anyone out that has the job to over look these typs of businesses that rip off the consumer, they are to protect instead of not doing their job that they do so well and get paid for it.

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