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ALLCare Dental & Denture / Horrible experiance

1 2476 Oneida StGreen Bay, WI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 920-429-9400

While at work one day at the end of May 2008 one of my teeth actually broke in half which had me immediatly searching through the phone book to find a dentist office. I called several dental offices and all care was the office that could get me in the fastest so I made the appointment. I was happy to hear that the first visit and X-rays where free, when in reality it should have made me wonder what I was in for. After the X-rays where taken in came the dentist who said Hi to me but couldn't even introduce himself to me or anything. After a quick "hi" he jumped right into looking at my teeth in my mouth and talking to his assistant. After he was done with his exam, he then began talking to me (Almost exactly as most of the other complaints) about how all my teeth needed to come out on the top of my mouth and 2 on the bottom. I would need a full top denture and a partial bottom for a whole 2 teeth. I then was escorted into the "managers office" for consultation about a treatment plan". As I spoke to the office manager about the treatment plan I was shown the 3 types of dentures I had to choose from and 2 kinds of partial denture I could choose from. I then questioned why I would pay over $1, 000 for a partial denture for 2 teeth and said I DO NOT want the partial. I was then told well thats not up to you, I'll have to talk to the Doctor to see if that is something we can do. In hind sight I should have gotten up and walked out right then, unfortunatly I didn't though. Instead I sat there angry at what was just said to me, I mean who is he to tell me it's not MY choice? It's MY money, My mouth, My teeth, there for it's MY CHOICE. After leaving the room for about 10 minutes he came back and told me the doctor said that it's OK we don't have to do the partial denture for the bottom.

I then like so many others was given the paper work to fill out for the ever so easy to get credit care GE money loan. Even though my main and only concern at that very moment was the 1 tooth that was broken in half and I had dental insurance that would cover 1, 000 dollars per year and 1, 000 total of my denture cost. After speaking to him, getting all the choices made, being talked to in medical terms like I was a dentist the whole time, and filling out the loan paper work for the additional 2, 400 dollars I was no closer to getting the tooth that was causing all this pain taken care of. The dentist had given me a prescription for pain killers and another for antibiotics but I was told that by June 24th the dentures would be ready and that they would do all the extractions on that day. I then questioned why they where not doing anything about the one tooth that was hurting me so badly sooner than almost a month later at which point I got absolutely NO answer.

As I left I felt as if I had just been taken advantage of in every possible way that could have been done to me. I was extremely mad that the office was fully capable of pulling teeth yet they didn't even bother trying to do anything to pull the one tooth right away that day or even with in the next couple days to try to lessen the pain I was in. Over the next week I was taking the antibiotics which I had 10 days worth of, and the pain killers that I had 7 days worth of. On day 6 while still in agony over a broken tooth, I called the dentists office to see if he could atleast do a refill of the pain medication which really wasn't helping all that much but it was better than nothing and helping more than just advil. When the receptionist answered the phone I stated why I was calling and was told she'd talk to the dentist and call me back. After about an hour she called me back only to questoin why I wanted more pain medication and that I should have enough for atleast 1 more day if not 2. I again explained the situation of how much pain I was in, the fact that I wasn't sleeping well at all because of how much the tooth was hurting me, and since it was a friday I was trying to get the new script called in before the weekend when they wouldn't be there, even though I did have enough left for one more day. I after that again questioned why it is they couldn't just pull the one tooth that was causing me so much pain before June 24th when the dentures where ready to again get absolutely no answer even though this had been my 3rd time questioning this.

Another week of this pain, fighting to get another refill of pain medication, and by now 6 requests to pull the broken tooth they finally set up an appointment to pull the broken tooth before the dentures where ready and I truly wish I where kidding about this quote "I guess there really isn't any reason for you to be in so much pain". The next day they pulled the broken tooth and the mass majority of my pain was gone. The next appointment was they June 24th when they pulled 13 teeth from the top of my mouth all at one time and where supposed to also pull 2 more from the bottom. On this day a different dentist was doing all the extractions and I was in a back room that only had 2 patient chair set ups instead of the other room where it's all open and they have like 6 different so called "rooms" where everyone can hear everything that they are saying to everyone else (I believe there is a thing called HIPAA that says I have a right to privacy). So the guy injects a whole bunch of novacaine then says he'll give it about 10 minutes to start working. 45 minutes later when he finally came back all the extractions began. By the time he finished with everything on the top of my mouth and got ready to start on the bottom 2 teeth that needed to be pulled he wondered why the novacaine was wearing off already after his 45 minute disappearing act. He then said he didnt' feel it was safe to give me any more novacaine and that he bottom 2 teeth would have to be pulled at a later time.

Everything looked OK at the post op appointment from what I was told and then about a week after that I had another appointment to get the 2 bottom teeth pulled. When I arrived for the appointment to have the bottom 2 teeth pulled I actually looked at the dentist and asked him if everything was ok because he was VERY noticably angry about something to the point I was not truly sure I wanted him to do the extractions on me. After questioning if everything was OK or if he was upset with me for some reason he adjusted his attitude a little bit and seemed atleast upset instead of angry and assured me that everything was fine. After the novacaine was injected he went to take care of 2 other patients while I sat there "getting numb". After he returned and started to pull the 2 teeth the first one came out fine the other one I felt from beginning to end every wiggle, tug, twist, pull, and pop as if he didnt' even inject any novacaine on that side. I did all I could to not scream as I almost broke one of the arms off the chair. When he was trying to stitch both of them up I actually heard him cuss because it wasn't going smoothly. 4 Days later to end up with a dry socket on the one he was having issues stitching up.

A week after I had the dry socket fixed I had to have an adjustment made on the top denture plate because it was hurting me so bad that I could not eat even pudding or yogurt. Opening and closing my mouth litteraly left me with tears in my eyes and my cheek and gums where so raw that they where actually bleeding. When I finally got them adjusted and was leaving the receptionist said to me "We'll just schedual another appointment for you now since your so needy", She then proceeded to actually moch me and in a low tone of voice trying to immitate me said "OH my mouth hurts so bad I can't talk". This is also the same receptionist that in a very snotty tone of voice [censor]ed at me when I ended up with a dry socket and asked me if I was poking stuff where the tooth was on purpose just to mess it up.

Needless to say after her moching me I quietly left and called the office from my cell phone to complain about her ignorance, unprofessionalism, and how VERY highly offended I was. I sat in my car in the parking lot calling the office only to be told that the "Office manager" wasn't in despite the fact that I was just in there and saw him in his office doing consultations with other patients. I then said I wanted him to call me back immediatly, which was well over about 4 months ago and I'm still waiting for the phone call back from him. They are still supposed to do more work on my mouth that I REFUSE to have done there from the entire novel I've just written. Why would I want to go back to a place that has 1 dentist thats so busy he's actually pissed off every time I saw him? The entire staff lacks any sort of compassion on any level and only seem to try and make things more difficult for the patient instead of trying to help the patient out. I appologize to anyone that read this for it being so long but I am deeply disgusted still to this day about the entire experiance from beginning to end and felt I had to write this so that Perhaps I can save 1 person the horror, embarrassment, compassionless, ignorant, unprofessional, and disgustingly ### service that this dental office offers.

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  • Me
      11th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had a similar experience except that the allcare dentist cracked my nerve when extracting a tooth next to it. But they refused to fix it and wanted to charge me 1900.00

  • Im
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    I completely agree with you, my husband had his work done over two years ago and has yet to get his permanent teeth. They billed my insurance in the end of December for the entire package which was over 5000 dollars, they could have billed in January to use my 1500 max per year. They also billed the care credit cared the full amount of 3500 before any of the work was even done. Every time my husband has gone back there is always another reason why he can not get his permanent teeth yet, I am at the point after paying out of pocket with interest I might add for services that have never been rendered to seek out an attorney and file a negligence suit against them and malpractice. The truth is they committed insurance fraud by billing for services they never preformed!

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