ALLCare Dental / Frustration

1 United States

To start off the first time I went in I was inpressed with the operations.

Then they got my money, then my time and last my frustration.

I went in for new upper dentures, remember I was impressed, they started out with getting my x-rays, the next visit went well, as they were doing the mold for the upper I tried to explain that I have a crooked jaw and the last time I got new uppers they didn't fit and took them back because I kept biting the inside of my jaw, the dentist said she understood, well she didn't because they were so tight and large I could not hardly talk I tried to explain so out comes the drill, their wonder tool. I went back several times with no satisfaction and now they fall when I eat& talk I called their company and told them I was done and I wanted my money back they talked me into coming in again so like a idiot I went after waiting a hour I went to the desk and told them I was done and left my teeth on the tray, tell me how many visit and hours does it take to get what you pay for I paid 1800.00 for uppers and a bottom partials I didn't go in for and that was my part.


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