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ALLCare Dental / Unnecessary expensive work done

1 Boardman, OH, United States Review updated:

After loosing 2 front teeth, my husband went to Allcare Dental in Boardman Ohio for a partial plate to replace the teeth. After a cursory examination and x-rays, they told him that a partial was impossible due to the extremely bad condition of the rest of his teeth. They told him that if he didn't agree to have all of this teeth extracted, and soon, he was in immediate danger of major systemic health complications, such as heart attack, blood poisining and yeas, possible death. He was then ushered into a session with the finance manager where he was informed that the cheapest set of dentures that were available was about $5200.00, which included the extractions and dentures. When my husband balked at the price, the "salesman" lowered the number to $4500. He has been out of work for three years and has no medical insurance, so they set him up with a credit plan with Capital One. No credit check at all...he has no credit. I ask you, how do you give a man with no money, no job and no prospects, a credit line of $4500? The extractions were done, and they gave him a set of dentures way too big for his mouth (soapdishes). After a year of complaining to Allcare (he couln't talk or eat...lost 25 pounds) who refused to talk to us anymore, we went to another dentist who said the reason that he was so miserable is that the dentures were sitting on (outside) the remaining gum ridge, not over it. We were forced to have a completely new set of dentures made (which are beautiful) to the tune of $1500. To cap it all off, there is some question as to the fact that they pulled teeth unnecessarily. Needless to say, we are looking for a lawyer to recoupe the $4500 (really 6700.00 after interest) and any damages we can. Stay will be sorry.

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  • Sa
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    Allcare is a big joke. if you have ever thought about going there, pass it buy. they are a waste of time & money. i used to work there last year and i could only feel for the customers as they were yelling at me. i felt really bad when i left for the day when patients complained of being chared for services they did not recieve. the refund process is way too long in my opinion. sometimes taking up to 6 months. not sure where this same day dentures info is coming from when we have to ship it out to a different state. hummm. i would not let my family get their teeth worked on there so i had to quit.

  • Cb
      22nd of Feb, 2011
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    I am also looking for an Attorney. I did not receive my dentures and was forced to have a tooth pulled (and a tooth was broken while they pulled that one which was not repaired correctly, at that) rather than have a root canal and cap that I paid for in my contract. I was told that I owed $6000.00 more than my agreed upon amount. This was AFTER I had had most of my work done. Thank goodness I had my contract in hand when they wanted to discuss this new amount. I had to pay only a few hundred dollars more because I cried and was not very quiet in the finance office. The numbers were rehashed a few times before I agreed to settle for less work and cheaper upper partials. And then I had to fight to get my temporary upper partials. They claimed I had already gotten them, when I had not. I was to get my permanent lower dentures in December of this year as well as permanent upper partials, but had to have two surgeries on my back and did not set an appointment. I only heard about the closing of Allcare recently when I got a notice from another dental office about taking over my care. I want to do something about the way I was treated, the poor work that was done, and the dentures/partials I did not obtain that I paid for. PLEASE any Attorney that can help me; contact me at (

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