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i need help! i saw the advertisement of CHEAP HOSTING so i went to to check. it is really cheap but i met some technical problem. i want to transfer my domain to them and host my site there but really dont know what to do. anyone help.

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  • Jo
      Sep 12, 2008

    they seam to be complete idiots.. they advertise on their site that email accounts are unlimited sql dbs are unlimited add on domains are unlimited basically everything but space and transfer is advertised as unlimited i get the account and only have one email account and one sql database no add on domains no forwarders and to top that the named (DNS Name server) Is screwed up so my site wont even work at all.. its pointing to dead space with the name server being down. ok.. so all that.. and i've tried every method of contacting them about this problem their live support is always offline not once have i seen it online so i've sent emails many support tickets and they refuse to reply.. if they do not reply soon i will be opening a dispute via paypal.. and i may pro sue the matter further.

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  • Na
      Feb 09, 2010

    i am also had that bad experience they are cheating company.

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  • Su
      Jul 05, 2010
    Allactionhost - cheat all employee and clients

    yes this company is cheating company. the management open branch all over india and cheat employee without salary and collect course certificates and cheat the client, collect the payment and not active the domain and hosting package and no service. i am one of the employee of the company in india. so plz all clients and employee be care full this kind of companys and anybody now about this company now . plz reply with us because my salary and my certificate are hold with us and escape from india the management people.

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