All Weeks Plumbing And Heating / Fraud

1 NJ, United States

I was hired by this company for many contracts.. After starting work under contracts the owner I found out has no license in no to be a plumber... He would agree to contract and have you do 90% of the work then start making up story's of your not finished fast enough, and bring others in to do the work not paying us.
I can only feel for the many that have encountered this owner as the basis to no warranty is that he never bought the items we did the contractors that were never paid.
Then turn around and pocket the extra work value... I agree the company is a shell company as no one in the consumer affairs of no has license to do plumbing under that company's name... Also by law they are to have their license number on there proposal.. Other should join forces to unveil this fraud operation...
Be ware

Mar 02, 2013

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