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All State Financial Group / Scam and fraud!

1 12, Pompano Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-605-4737

These are two emails that I sent to this bogus/frivalist company if anyone else would like to get in on this lawsuit please contact me via email or by phone [protected]. I have contacted the FBI to file a claim plaint, something has to be done about this.

I have sent the security blanket amount of $956.XX to you so that I can borrow from your establishment in the amount of $8000, I have looked your company up with Canada’s better business bureau and they could not offer a full report at this time. I would like to know when the funds will be available in my account. Since last week upon sending the funds to your establishment I have been in contact with the representative that I was assign to, and it is still nothing in my account. Being that it was such a large amount of money on the consumer it I hope you understand the uncomfortable feelings that I have about this. Also I was told that the money would be deposited in my account within 6-12 hours and no later that 24 hours, but unfortunately it has not been placed into my account. If the process is being taken care of and I will see the money in my checking account by tomorrow morning, I have no complaints but if not I would like your company to send my money back plus the amount that was charged to me to send the money via western union totaling $1035.00. Lastly, in good faith I sent my money to your company to have funds to take care of personal needs and I aspect in good faith to have this matter allocated in a timely manner. Now I have sent $550.00 because Victoria advised that the government was holding the funds for taxes. I am vexed at this point and if I do not receive my entire fund by tomorrow, I will be contacting a lawyer and I am going to file a detail complaint to the BBB, with all representatives that I have been involved with. It is Christmas Holidays and I do not have any MONEY TO JUST GIVE AWAY TO YOUR COMPANY. My lawyer will be in contact with your company before the close of today if I do not receive any thing back from your company. All My money totals to $1637.00.


I am very disappointed in how you represented All State Financial Group and handle me. I heard about this company by word of mouth; I never thought in a million years that we as human beings would do something so malicious. I forward all of the required documentation and monies that was requested by you representing All State Financial Group. Victoria I can not believe that you would take my last knowing that I am a single parent;I thought that you was concern or was that just part of the scam. GOD don't like ugly and he is not to fond of pretty. The bible say touch not my anointed and due my Sheppard no harm. So close to Jesus Birthday and you people are doing people like this who has reached out to your company for a financial help. GOD bless you because after sending this e-mail I am going to go down on my knees and ask GOD for mercy with YOU, I am going to ask GOD to avenge this situation for me. It is ashame that know you have my money I can not even reach you by phone not to mentioned that the phone systems is down. ALL OF YOU AT ALL STATE FINANCIAL WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. TO THINK THAT ANY OF YOU HAVE CHILDREN,MOTHERS,SISTERS or BROTHERS that this could easily be happing to think if it was your loved ones from Haiti or Europe or the Dominicain or the USA.

PS. If I do not have all of my money by close of business on Friday 12/21/07 rather that be in my bank account since you have all of my personal information or at my door step in the for of a check. I along with 9 other individuals that has contacted me through the website will be launching a civil lawsuite as well as contacting the FBI and the local Canadian Police. Please by NO means take this as a threat it is a promise. The Lawsuite will name the following to include but not limited to All State Financial Group, Victoria Stevens, Donna Chapman, Kristen Cooper, Tina Ward, Robert Carmicheal, Lauren Lebitz, Rebecca Price and Davis Bowman.

Total Amount Owed USAD $956.00 Insurance Security Blanket + $79.00 for western union fees that Carol Mclean Picked up + $550.00 for so call Canadian government taxes +$52.00 for the western union fee that was sent to Quianne Patterson for a grand total of $1637.00 US American Dollars. I WANT IT BACK NOW.

PSS Your company can close down but you can't hide; because GOD is everywhere.

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  • Ir
      3rd of Dec, 2007
    All State Financial Group - They scam me and I send them a copy of my payroll slip, a copy od my social security and a copy of my drivers licence
    217 Duke St. University Gardens
    San Juan
    United States
    Phone: 787-767-6170

    A lady name Kurstin Cooper write me on behald of All State Financial Group and told me that in order for them to approved me a loan I had to sent them copy of my payroll stub, copy of my social security number and copy of my license. I live in Puerto Rico, USA. This was at the beginning of last week I have not heard nothing from her. The e-mail to write her was [protected] That e-mail does not exist. But when I phone them they answer All State Financial Group. What is your advice.

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  • Is
      29th of Dec, 2007
    All State Financial Group - Loan fraud!
    All State Financial Group
    Phone: 888-212-8389

    I have been trying to secure a loan in the amount of $8000 and was told it was approved and that I needed to sign a contract and send a security insurance of $550 to allow the loan to be funded. I have chosen to await the contract before sending any amount of money because I felt that unlike walking into a bank and actually meeting someone that you can later describe to someone, doing business by way of email is somewhat "chancy".

    I have now been waiting for this contract to arrive for a week and it is still not yet here and the website is gone and the phone numbers have now been changed which caused me to to start looking up complaints on the net and ohh boy have I found several on this site alone.This company is now working under at least two other names prior to shutting down the site that I started my loan with. This is two of the sites that are actually the same people that is believed to be All State Financial Group.

    Second Chance Financial Group
    55 Wellington Ave.
    Richmondhill, Ontario, Canada

    And this one too Although I didn't send them money thank goodness,I am worried about my personal info that they now have( ID, bank account... just the last 4 numbers of my account info and social security number).

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  • Sc
      29th of Dec, 2007

    First, I would suggest to run your credit report:

    Go to (That's the USA government funded website to get your credit report for free ----yes you don't enter any credit card information in there--- once per year. You are only charged IF you want your credit score. )

    Review if there are any accounts on there that are not yours or that you aren't familiar with. Also, you may contact the credit bureau to place a 90 day fraud alert. Provide them with a contact number so they can contact you if someone tries to open up and/or check your credit file.

    I thought loan companies only ask for money up front if you have bad credit (ie they checked your credit report & told you what held you back from the loan and you need to place x money down).

    Now, if they are unable to provide you with a contract then that is why you know it's a scam.


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  • La
      8th of Jan, 2008

    I also was ripped off by this company and the same thing i also sent them $833

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  • Li
      10th of Jan, 2008

    I also was ripped off by this company and the same thing I also sent them $1400.00

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  • Br
      15th of Jan, 2008

    I have also been scammed by this company and want to help. I made the offical complaint to the FBI. The only way anyone can get thier money back, is if there are enough complaints. I strongly urge everyone, to complain about this company.

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  • Do
      30th of Jan, 2008

    I have sent money to first canadian financial group is this the same group all of you are talking about?

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  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2008

    i have recently applied for a loan through first canadian financial and i sent 1350 dollars plus fees and got scammed for another 1050 dollars when they said i needed to have more money to get an 18 thousand dollar loan to go home and see my mother who was in the hospital with heart problems and havent been home to see in 2 years, i also was told to western union to quianne patterson i am more than willing to take full legal action as i am a hardworking person and i need that money that is a months worth pay for me, please contact me through email or call me at 1-780-293-2925 it is my rommates phone his name is eddie , i am mathew , plz contact me back asap, email is [protected]

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