All-Star Wings and Ribs / Poor hygene

10270 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 905-737-4917

Myself and 3 friends went to All Star Wings and Ribs on November 18th, after playing hockey. We ordered ahead as we get there 5 minutes after the kitchen closes. We found at least 4 hairs in the wings and nachos. We called the Manger Ruby over to show her the problems. As Ruby was standing there, one of us took a hair right out of his mouth as he was still chewing a chicken wing. She offered to take off $8 from our over $70 bill for the "inconvenience". We politely and very nicely told her to talk to the owner and take all the food off our bill and we'll pay for our drinks. Ruby came back an hour later and said that our bill is complimentary but we 4 are banned from the bar forever. Even the waitress staff were flabergasted. We even asked Ruby if we were rude, she said "No we weren't", but the owner will never allow us in his bar again. We will never go back and I am hoping neither will you. We did find a great bar called Wild Wing Richmond Hill at 1285 Elgin Mills Rd. E. #16&17 - Just as friendly, 3 minutes away from the other place and they have the origional cook from the other place, so if you r are interested tell them about this story and see what happens.

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