All Star MitsubishiShady business practices

J Sayreville, NJ

I took in my Mitsubishi Outlander to All-Star Mitsubishi for 1:00pm appointment to check the air-conditioning/over heating issues. Before starting any work we were told that a complete car diagnostic would be performed a report generated and a detailed estimate provided. It would take approximately 45 minutes for this to be completed. I waited in the waiting area until 2:30pm without a word on the progress of the work. At this time I approached the desk and asked what the hold up was. The response I was given was that "the car is hooked up to a computer and diagnosis is being performed. This is not magic. We're checking your car out". I then went outside and saw my car still had not been pulled into the service bay - let alone hooked up and being diagnosed!

I approached the desk again and informed them of which car they were diagnosing when my car was still outside untouched. They finally brought in the car - close to two hours after my scheduled appointment time.

As it was going to take another hour or more I asked them to call me once the report was generated and an estimate prepared. At 5:15pm I received the call stating there was considerable repair needed on the car and that "I was better off trading in my car and getting a used Mitsubishi from us". I was concerned and skeptical at this time and left straight for All-Star to pick up my diagnosis report and estimate to assess the statement.

When I arrived at 5:30pm the repairman went into a sales pitch stating that the estimate for the repairs to my car would be $5000 - and instead I should trade-in my car and get a used Mitsubishi which would end up costing me $4500 after the trade-in. This was beyond belief! A sales pitch instead of providing me the diagnostic report and explaining what repairs were needed.

I declined the pitch and asked for my diagnosis report and detailed estimate. I was not provided either - instead I was handed a bill for $104 of parts and labor for work that was not performed!!

Totally disgusted with this establishment and its repair and selling practices.

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