All Seasons Nursery & Landscapingbad service

Hurricane Gustav knocked down such a giant tree in my back yard that a bobcat was needed to remove it. The bobcat tore up the lawn and left depressions in the soil that contain standing water days after a rain. The standing water allows mosquitoes to breed by the thousands.

I called All Seasons and scheduled an appointment with the owner, Peter Mayeaux, to evaluate the damage and write up a proposal to submit to my insurance company.

Peter inspected the damage, mentioned something about over $4000, said he would write up a proposal and email it to me.

Five days later I called All Seasons and asked about how long it would take before the proposal would be sent. The clerk told me I needed to talk to Tess. However, Tess was busy and would return my call. Tess never called. I called again the next day and asked for Tess. Again, Tess was busy and would return my call. Tess never called. The following day I called for the 3rd time and asked to speak to Tess, but, guessed it, she was busy but would return my call.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lafayette, LA This time I left a different message as follows:

Due to the mosquito problem due

to the standing water, I will

pay the entire amount myself

and deal with the insurance

company later. Just call and

let me know the cost, so I can

get a loan if needed in order

for the work to start ASAP.

What? You are a good guesser! She never called. I knew she was ignoring my calls and giving me the run-around, but I thought she was doing this on her own for some unknown reason.It never occurred to me that a reputable business owner would deliberately pass over a cash $4000 deal which had been verbally agreed on.

The following day I wrote a note and delivered it in person to All Seasons asking the clerk to give it to the owner, Peter Mayeaux. The note again asked for him to call me with the total cost, so the work could start ASAP, and I could get a loan if necessary.. Peter did not return my


I then realized that Peter had instructed Tess to ignore my calls. How hard would it be to pick up a phone and say he decided not to do the job? Rather, why not let my family wait in hordes of mosquitoes while waiting until the family realized it was a no-deal.

This callous and unprofessional act on Peter's part gives a glimpse into the real Peter.

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