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All Safe Move / Interstate Move Rip-Off

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I used All Safe Move to move from Sacramento to Atlanta. Lets, see... where to start first.

1. They showed up and immediately tried to box my dining room chairs, and then when they couldn't make the boxes fit they charged me for the boxes they used.

2. They did not give me the 24 stated in the contract before calling to say they were in Atlanta. They gave me a 10 minute notice. Since I was in Phoenix, not expecting them for another week. (I had called the day before and was told my goods were still in Sacramento) Imagine my surprise.

3. When they did call to say they were in Atlanta and I had 10 minuets to get there. 1) My power of attorney to my new complex was not any good to let them deliver. 2) My 30 days "free" storage had been "used" on the coming side. Seems they felt the 30 days free storage applied to their use of storage not mine. And when I called to complain I was told that I needed to know if I had a binding or non-binding estimate.

4. I was told the goods would be in storage over the weekend to allow me time to get from Phoenix to Atlanta, when in reality the driver took my goods to Florida and on the weekend they were evacuating people from Florida. Yes, my good were in the hurricane and damaged.

5. It took the police calling to notify the movers that they would consider my goods theft by conversion in 24 hours for me to get my stuff back.

6. I was charged extra when the movers arrived and didn't like my street size. Never mind they turned the truck around in the street after the delivery – the driver couldn’t figure out how to do it with a truck load, only after the truck was empty. My neighbors have NEVER had a truck have a problem before or since – even the manager of the complex came out to talk with the drive about m ving it closer.

7. They unloaded everything into the garage and then left – even though I paid extra to have t brought into the apartment. So I had to hire another company to help with the big pieces and take 4 extra days of work to unload the boxes, which due to water and sand damage I had to do one at a time.

8. All Safe is denying insurance claims since I got he original bid through another company, even though all contracts are in their name. I have submitted a copy of the contract, called All Safe, sent pictures and still I have damaged, overpaid and have no resolution.


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  • An
      6th of Jan, 2007

    Shame on me for not doing my homework before we moved, but with the amount of notice I had to work with.. I thought I had been thorough.. but apparently not.

    I also used All Safe Move of San Jose, CA for a long distance move from California to Nevada. Boy, was that a mistake!!! Sure, they talk a good talk. But, what you get is a whole lot different. They quoted me way under any other company, bragged on how they blanket and box all our items and when I asked if there was an additional charge I got the same answer (oh no, its included). I asked for a written statement to that fact before we signed, but they assured me there was no need as I would get a copy of the contract stating such. My fault for believing their lies!

    We arranged to have them move us on 8/30/06 (the day before our lease was up in CA) and to be delivered around 9/02-9/06/06.

    Day 1 - Moving Day

    - About three of their guys start packing and moving things into the truck. They brought packing materials and as they are starting to bubble wrap, box and tape my items, I again asked the guy in charge .. (I'm not going to be charged for the packing matierals and services as we agreed before, right?!?) Of course, not ma'am... is the answer I got. So, I let them do their thing.

    -Half way into the packing and moving process, the guy in charge brings out the contract for us to sign to get our details about the address etc. its going to... etc. etc. He asks me if I know if the road we are moving to is wide enough for an 18-wheeler to deliver on. I had no idea. So, he lets me know that since we aren't sure, we will be charged an extra $585.00 for what they call shuttle service. Shuttle service meant they would have to drive our things to NV on an 18-wheeler, then rent a smaller truck from a facility nearby our delivery address and unload/reload the new truck, before they could deliver to our home. What?!?! Somehow, I didn't think it worked that way, but after telling him I thought that was a bit of an outrageous price, he called the owner of the company and he offered me a discounted price of $285.00. So, since we are already more than half-way into the move, we agreed hesitantly.

    So, after everything's loaded into the truck, the guy says he will come back in to get my signature that everything had been loaded. He comes back in and brings a form that was not included in the contract I had already signed. It shows the packing materials used ... how many of each and the total cost. What the *^?$??? Are you kidding me??? By the time I noticed what was going on, I was furious. Meanwhile, his little helpers drove off to take my things to their "storage facility." So, now my things are in their possession and after all that talk of how everything's included... I am supposed to pay $682.00 for packing materials!! But, seeing as how they already had our things and we had to be out by the next day, what can you do? So, I had to sign it though I did make a HUGE notation about that on the form I signed.

    Day 2 - After the Move

    -Ok, so the day after the move I'm still furious about the extra charges etc., but my mind is on other things. We had previously agreed with All Safe that we would pay via credit card and they said that was fine as long as we paid a 3% convenience fee. Being that we were already spending a ton on this move, I said no problem. So, a few hours later, the Operations Director or whoever the hell she said she was tells me that they no longer are willing to accept a credit card, the amount has to be paid in cash and that we must pay it in person before 5pm. OMG!! Now, you change your whole story. Mind you, not that it matters but I had explained to her that we had just helped our mother-in-law pay a ton of medical expenses because she was undergoing chemo and radiation and bills were piling up on her. So, we didn't have that much cash available before the end of the day. So, I asked to speak to the owner, who she refused to let me speak to. She was arrogant and rude and told me that SHE makes the decisions and SHE was not willing to risk a charge back if we used our credit card. Finally, after 3 hours of calls back and forth, the owner called me and apologized for her comments and said if we could come in by 5pm to do the credit card charge, he would take it.

    So off we go to sprint over to San Jose from Cupertino, CA which is not far but it was peak traffic hours and we only had 45 mins before they closed. We arrived to their office, which we almost couldn't find because in the middle of the parking lot were stacks upon stacks of people's personal belongings, boxed and bubble wrapped in about 20 stacks in the parking lot of their suite. We couldn't even find a way in because of the towers of boxes. I was shocked!!!! Here are people's things just stacked in the middle of a business park area, and just outside where anyone can come and take the stuff!! Some storage!! But, like I said, when they have your stuff, what can you do. So, we go inside pay the $2000 bucks and go.

    Day 3 - Delivery Day

    A few days later they called us in NV to let us know they would be arriving in about 4 hours. This was just after 8 am.

    My fiance' and I waited all day. No movers. So, finally my fiance' decides to go to the gym. I stick around and about 9:30pm in the pitch dark, the movers knock at my door. I look outside my window as they start bringing things in and they are unloading off the 18-wheeler, not the shuttle truck that I paid extra for. So, I have the driver initial next to my NOTATION on the inventory delivery sheet. I am so not getting stuck paying an extra $285.00 for a service they didn't even provide!! The two guys unload the truck, missing 3 different pieces of luggage that were packed with clothing and household goods and about 10 of our boxes were soaked in some foul-smelling liquid (mind you, I hadn't packed any liquids from our previous apt) and our boxes are about to break apart. So, our bed linens, blankets and pillows are soaked in some yellowish-orange unknown gunk. Nice way to deliver!

    Needless to say the next day I was on the phone, but as it was a holiday, no one was working. So, after the holiday I call the office to explain the situation, and I speak to the owner again and he apologizes and says that we will refund the $285.00 and will look to see if my missing luggage was in his "storage." He asked if he could call me back in an hour after he checked. I agreed. Funny, I never got a call back on that!

    So, again the next day I call, but this time the entire staff gives me the run around... telling me he is not in, one says he's out of the country on business, and the Operations girl is busy and will have to call me back. Fine. No call back. Surprise, surprise! This went on for 3 solid weeks! I called and left messages. I called and spoke to whoever answered explaining I needed to speak to someone urgently. They didn't care. Finally, they just stopped answering.

    I called one last time, telling them I was going to file a complaint with the BBB if they didn't respond to my call and at least get the ball rolling on my refund etc. and claim for loss within 24 hours. No response. So, I filed a complaint.

    Little did I know, I should have called the BBB before I moved with them, as they had a bunch of complaints in the process and the representative of BBB stated they had a high number for the # of years they've been in business.

    Finally, a week after I filed with BBB, I tried contacting them one more time. And, for Christ's sake, they answered! Though this time, Operations girl tells me that because I didn't allow them to fix the problem before going to BBB, that I "tied their hands" and they now CANNOT and WILL NOT issue a refund or a claim for the loss of my items. My god, it never ends with these people!!!


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  • Va
      22nd of Jan, 2007

    It is again about All Safe Move, Inc. They did give me the best price in town and then lost (only) 13 of my belongings, 10 of them extremely valuable, large size framed artworks. Not only All Safe didn’t make any effort to look for my stuff ( oh, that hurts), they offered me a measly $72 dollar settlement, claiming that since I’ve packed the artwork myself all they could reimburse me for was empty boxes. No, check this out – when it comes to charging you they do it by the weight of your shipment, but when it comes to reimbursing you for the lost in a move belongings they consider only the weight of empty boxes, since no one can prove what was inside them! An outrage! I’m going to take them to court. If anyone have already sued a moving company, please share your experience with me.

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  • Va
      22nd of Jan, 2007

    We work in the immediate neighborhood of All Safe Move. We've had every problem imaginable. Many visits from the police from us, other businesses and especially customers. False advertising on their website: climate controlled environment, among others. Huge piles of customer belongings outdoors in rain and heat wave for MONTHS. They've been evicted, won't move. Complaints of not informing customers of their belongings' whereabouts, customers following them, then calling police. I have tried the Better Business Bureau and 7 On Your Side, even emailed pictures of huge outdoor piles of Katrina victim's belongings. No one will touch this. If you have hired them get your stuff back immediately, warn your friends. Can't find your stuff? Here is their San Jose, California storage address: 2744 Aiello Dr. Suite 130, San Jose, CA 95111. I am disgusted at the lack of help for customers of this company (I'm disgusted that people have to pay to post a complaint about them here too!). I would NEVER under ANY circumstances hire them. This is all true, and I can prove it 100%. If you want pictures just email me. If you've been looking for your belongings: come on down. If you can help get them to stop their fraudulent business practices PLEASE email me, I will help in any way I can. This is a true travesty. Please share this with all your friends and family so we can help as many of their cheated customers as possible. If this complaint has helped you in any way please let me know.

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