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All Safe Move / Lost belongings

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It’s been more than a half a year since All Safe Move Inc. has moved my belongings from Oakland, CA to my present address in Jersey City, NJ.

In this move 13 of my belongings were “lost”. Ten of them were extremely valuable photographs - framed with glass and mats, large silver-gelatin prints and photo collages. None of the items were found and none of my demands were satisfied yet.

It was my first Interstate move and I had no idea what a tricky business it was. As I found out later, in order to help a shipper to prepare for the interstate move, its legal and contractual complexities the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation 375.213 obligates all moving companies to provide the shipper in advance with a 20 page booklet “Your rights and Responsibilities When You Move”.

All Safe Move, Inc. never even mentioned to me this crucial source, let alone handing me this booklet.

On November 30th All Safe moving crew was 5 hours late to do the pick up. Loading was done in a big hurry when it was already dark. I was never offered any alternative, or additional insurance for my belongings. All Safe supervisors filled out the Household Goods Inventory so sloppily that even the truck driver who delivered my stuff to New Jersey could not determine how many items were in the shipment. The contract was signed in then dark, its contents in small print in the back largely indiscernible as a result of poor printing, or?

The moment I found out that 13 of my belongings were missing in the move I’ve contacted All Safe Move manager asking her to search for my stuff, but she said that first I should file a claim with their adjuster and only then Safe Move would begin the search. It was a lie.
I immediately filed the claim with the Claims Adjusting Firm. In my letter to them I specifically stated that it wasn’t compensation I was looking for, but an honest effort to find my missing belongings. I even send them digital printouts of the missing artwork in a naive hope that it would help All Safe Move to locate my stuff. I was very wrong again.

Five days later I got a Settlement Letter offering me $72 dollars. Claims Adjusting Firm’s explained this rather small amount by saying that my insurance with All Safe Move was at 0.60 cents per lb and since I’ve packed my belongings myself they were valuing my lost items as empty boxes and reimbursing me accordingly. It sounded as if I should have let All Safe Move to pack my entire apartment. Otherwise any lost box packed by me according to All Safe Move contract would be considered an empty box and would be reimbursed for as such. On one hand I paid All Safe Move for the weight of my shipment, on the other All Safe Move was going to reimburse me for empty boxes when it came to belongings they lost in the move.

I did not accept All Safe Move settlement offer. In my response letter I again asked Claims Adjusting Firm to advise All Safe Move to begin looking for my lost belongings.

I do not believe that All Safe Move made a single attempt to locate and return my belongings they've lost in a move, shielding themselves with their faded out contract, which was given to me moments before All Safe truck left Oakland. That makes me feel ripped off. I've written in my letters to All Safe Move that it was not my priority to receive a compensation for the missing items. I wanted to have them back. It is mind bugling that the enterprise, which proudly calls itself All Safe Move and claims, the customer satisfaction to be their main concern would provide such sloppy business and on top of it refuses to make a single attempt to help their customer out of the predicament which was entirely their fault. I would like to be reimbursed in full for every one of my belonging that All Safe Move had lost.

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  • Al
      27th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree %100!! They were to ship my belongings from Maraga, California to New Jersey and surprise, surprise! They went out of business. My belongings were jambled up with other people's in a storage office in Santa Clara, which threatened to throw away the belongings if they weren't picked up, as All Safe Move hadn't been paying for the service. Unfortunately, I , along with dozens of other customers, was out of the country and couldn't retrieve them. It was a complete disaster!

  • Su
      3rd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I think that All Safe Move is a terrible company.
    I work for AllSafe Moving in Dallas, TX but I know that my company is NOT affiliated with any other company any where. I could not imagine treating customers that way. The only advise I could give for anyone moving is video all your belongings before you pack and move. You might even want to video the move it self in progress especially if you are moving out of state. Plus make a note of how many boxes you have moved or make your own inventory list and have the mover sign and date it. Note their DL# and truck license #

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