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All Pet Headquarters / Awful place

1 2530 E. Las Posas Rd., Camarillo, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 805-388-1990

I purchased a Chihuahua puppy from this store last January after a long conversation with the owner (Laurie Pickersgill) as to whether or not the puppy would get along with my 14 year old jack russel terrier. She wouldn't let me take the puppy home because she required that it stay in her care for a week while it got its vaccinations.

During this time, my family and I went to the store almost daily to visit our new puppy... and it was then that we first noticed signs of illness. We spoke with Laurie and told her that we were concerned that the puppy was coughing and sneezing frequently and appeared to have goopy eyes and a runny nose. She told us that the puppy just had 'dust in her nose from the newspaper in the pens'.

When we came to pick up our puppy, she had us sign a stack of papers. After we did this, she informed us that her husband had been in early that morning and had noticed that our puppy had been coughing and sneezing. She told us that the dog had a 'puppy cold' and to watch her closely over the next week and only expose her to family pets.

So, we took the puppy home and promptly introduced her to our jack russel. We noticed that the puppy would shriek as if in pain every now and then when she was doing various things. Anything from sitting on someone's lap to sleeping, to chewing on a chew toy would produce these cries. However, they were short in duration and we considered the fact that Chihuahuas are somewhat neurotic dogs. So, we figured that the puppy had just been frightened by something.

Well, within days of being introduced... our jack russel developed the same signs of illness. When I called our family vet... she said that the symptoms were that of Kennel Cough.

I called Laurie Pickersgill about this and told her that it wasn't a puppy was Kennel Cough. She said 'puppy cold... kennel cough... it's the same thing.' Well, no actually it's not. Had I known that the puppy had kennel cough I would have kept it away from my older dog because kennel cough is extremely dangerous for older animals. I told her that my family vet said that the puppy should be seen. Laurie argued that as long as she was eating and drinking; she was fine. I demanded that the puppy be seen...and she finally said, 'bring her in and I will take a look at her.'

So I brought the puppy back to All Pet Headquarters where Laurie held the dog up to her ear to listen to her chest... then walked my financed I to the front counter of her store... opened a cupboard behind the counter... and handed us one of several dozen bottles of amoxicillin prescribed by the veterinarian (Dr. Thomas) who she is supposedly not affiliated with.

First of all, Laurie Pickersgill is not a doctor and therefore should not be handing out prescription medication. Secondly, Dr. Thomas of Pet Headquarters Veterinary Hospital shouldn't be giving prescription medication to this woman to disperse at her judgment... it is illegal. Clearly this is an ongoing issue with Laurie Pickersgill and sick animals or there wouldn't be a need for all of this prescription medication to be at her disposal!

She refused to pay me for the veterinary bills for my jack russel.

About a month after I had the dog, I was sitting in my room with the dog and she had a horrific shrieking episode. It was longer in duration than the previous short ones she had been having and I became very concerned. This shrieking cry was constant and painful sounding and the puppy was wincing and cowering. My father and I rushed her to Pet Emergency clinic where she remained until the next evening. The veterinarians found no signs of injury... only raised BUN and kidney levels. We were instructed to have her seen by our family vet immediately.

I called Laurie Pickersgill about this... told her about the situation... and was told that it sounded like my puppy was having 'nightmares'.

She asked me to cancel my appointment with our family vet and to bring her in to see Dr. Thomas (the veterinarian she isn't affiliated with... LOL)... or whoever else was on duty. She said she would be taking care of the vet bill. I did as she asked and she was seen by Dr. Housley... who read over the reports, looked at the x-rays, and wrote a letter confirming what the other vets had said.

The puppy was sent home with a recheck appointment in two weeks (which Laurie Pickersgill agreed to pay for). The puppy's episodes continued and I called Laurie to tell her I wanted the puppy seen sooner. She said to wait until the recheck appointment. She wasn't concerned at all that this poor puppy was in pain.

I called Dr. Thomas and he advised that I bring the puppy in. So I did. He gave her a cortisone shot and amoxicillin. When I went to leave the office, I was given the bill. I told them that Laurie was taking care of it... but they said she wasn't. Sure enough, she walked over through the sliding doors that connect the veterinary hospital to her store and refused to pay the bill.

From that point on, I took her to my family vet for diagnosis... ultimately she was referred to a specialist. The puppy was diagnosed by Dr. Sammut (a neurologist) to having a malformation in the spine or congenital meningitis.

Laurie Pickersgill refused to pay for any of the veterinary bills. She denies all responsibility and accuses me of 'dropping the puppy' and injuring it... even though the 6 veterinarians that treated my puppy (which included her own Dr. Thomas) found no signs of injury.

I took Laurie Pickersgill to court a few weeks ago. I am still waiting for the court's decision.

I have 3 cats and 2 other dogs. I am an animal lover and have never had this kind of trouble with an animal before. What was supposed to be a wonderful experience has brought my family and I nothing but heartache.

Laurie Pickersgill sells sick animals and cares only about the profit that she makes. She doesn't quarantine sick animals... therefore, all of her animals are infected with kennel cough. She lies to her customers about the animal's illness and then makes up excuses that are almost insulting when confronted.

I am writing this to protect others from going through the same heart wrenching experience that I have. DON'T BUY AN ANIMAL FROM ALL PET HEADQUARTERS!!!

They are all owned and operated by Laurie Pickersgill... and you WILL get a sick animal!!!


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  • An
      6th of Oct, 2008

    I had a nightmare experience buying a dog from this location and had the dog treated by my own personal vet as arguing with the pet store owner became exhausting. I had always been told not to buy an animal from a pet sotre and I never will again.

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  • Ca
      26th of Mar, 2011


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