All New Sports LLCLife warranty ignored

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6 months of emails, then they finally told us we need to send that part back to them and they will send a replacement part. They received the part and we yet to get our replacement part. i tried to call several different numbers that i was able to find, and they were the wrong numbers and/or disconnected. I tried to contact then by email and i get no reply. i just wasted 6months and $50 to get a new part when i could have had my dad fix it for free. I told him no because all new sports was supposed send us a new one. now i dont even have the part anymore to get it fixed. so the other option for us now is to go to the local shop and buy a new part and we are then out $400. this company need to do some serious reimbursements to all they people that they ripped off

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      Jul 07, 2009

    I agree I was ripped off too the same thing happened to me I sent the parts back and I got nothing in return I have been waiting 18 months I gave up trying to contact them I am out about $500 I wish their was something I could do.

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